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Issue #002, August 25, 2010.

In this Issue:

1) Information regarding travel related to hummingbirds.
2) Answers to questions about late summer feeding and migration.
3) Special E-zine subscribers discount.
4) Contact Us with your suggestions for future E-zines.

Look who's traveling!

Most of us have taken at least one vacation this summer!
We hope everyone has had a great time.

A new addition to our website is a "Hummingbird Travel" section.
In our research about hummingbirds we discovered a wealth of travel opportunities related to hummingbirds.
We found museums, parks, inns, resorts, eco-lodges, festivals and much more.
At this time we have compiled a list of Hummingbird Festivals throughout the country held August through October.
We will be adding many more pages in the coming months to this section about the travel information that we have found.

Click here for a link to our "Travel Section".

Late Summer Feeding:

At this time of year we all are noticing extra activity at our feeders.

Do you know why?.........
The answer is lying in the "nest"! or should I say layed in the nest!
That is, the new youngsters who were born this summer are now frequenting our feeders along with their moms and dads.

With this extra activity comes competition for the feeders. We see them buzzing and challenging each other. To compensate for this extra activity we hang more feeders.

If you are thinking about adding another feeder, we have a large selection in our store.

One that we like is the Dr.JB's feeder. It is rugged, bee resistant, dishwasher safe, leak proof, and has a wide mouth jar which is easy to clean and fill.

Click Here for more information.

A Tip: When you hang extra feeders try to keep them separated with as much distance apart as possible.

Please visit Our Store. There is a large selection of decorative, unique and basic hummingbird feeders along with many accessories such as the ant moats and brushes. Also, we have many beautiful "Woodstock" wind chimes available.

Use promo code: "thehummer" for a Special 10% Discount to our e-zine subscribers which you can use in our store.


The three most commonly asked questions about migration:

1.Do hummingbirds need more nectar for migration?

Yes, they do need the extra energy from the nectar because they are "bulking-up" from their main source of nourishment - insects. They will actually double their body weight to make the long migration journey.

2.Do hummingbirds migrate in flocks?

No, the hummingbird flies alone. Hummingbirds are solitary birds that migrate on their own.

3.When should I take my feeders down?

You should take your feeders down for the season when you are absolutely sure that all hummingbirds have left your area. Some of our visitors worry that if they leave their feeders too long, the hummers won't migrate in time. Hummingbirds know to migrate from their hormone levels which has nothing to do with feeders.
Please note: Your feeders may be vacant for a long period of time but a migrating hummingbird passing through may spot your feeder and stop for a much needed boost of nectar.

For information visit our "Migration Page".

Suggestions? Ideas?.......... We would love to hear your thoughts about our future e-zines. Please Contact Us with your input.

Have an enjoyable Summer!

I saw a hummingbird today..........Sweetness and Joy is on the way!

See you soon,

Jim & Ruth

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