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The Hummingbird Guide.

Gilbert Gooney Wind Chime


  • From his coconut husk hilltop, Woodstock's Gilbert Gooney Bird Chime surveys his domain, his head bobbing up and down in the wind while a complement of hand-tuned bamboo chimes emit a mellow melody of tones.
  • This fanciful hand-made chime is made from an array of natural materials. His body and tail are made from the coarse outer husk of a coconut shell with long coconut fibers serving as feather, natural fiber twine are used for knees, ankles and feet while a hand-carved and painted vulture-like head tops his bamboo-jointed neck.
  • This chime was hand-tuned by a trained artist-musician who whittled each tube to the perfect pitch, then selected a range of tube sizes that, when combined and touched by gentle breezes, create a deep resonating sound with a unique melody.
  • Asli Arts by Woodstock Chimes is committed to producing innovative and quality home and garden decor products utilizing sustainable and recycled materials and the creative talents of Southeast Asian artists.
  • Made in Bali.
  • Length: 37.5 inches.

Gilbert Gooney Wind Chime Sound Byte:

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