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The Hummingbird Guide.

Half Coconut Large Wind Chime


  • Transport yourself to the tropics with a gentle lullaby.
  • Classic design offers a semispherical top and a soothing, mellow tone with six bamboo tubes.
  • Bamboo gives our Asli Arts chimes a mellow, musical and enchanting sound unlike any other chime.
  • The Half Coconut large chime is made with pride by craftsmen of Bali and Vietnam.
  • Each piece is individually carved and painted.
  • Non-endangered wood, coconut shell, recycled metal and bamboo are used to make these instruments of nature.
  • In addition, each chime is hand-tuned by musicians.
  • Testing the sound of each tube, our musician-craftsmen create chimes that sound as good as they look.
  • By hand-tuning each tube and selecting a range of sizes, each chime produces a unique melody of tones.
  • Length: 35 inches.

Half Coconut Large Wind Chime Sound Byte:

Price: $19.99


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