Natural Ring Large Wind Chime


  • A simple bamboo ring is the simple and effective top for the melodic Natural Ring Bamboo Chime. Naturally weather resistant, this melodic 42 inch long chime was inspired by the talented percussion musicians of Vietnam. Hand-made in Vietnam.
  • Every chime features the mellow, earth-inspired tones unique to resonating bamboo tubes. Each Asli Arts chime is hand-tuned by a trained artist-musician who whittles each tube to the perfect pitch, repeatedly tapping each bamboo tube as he carves until the sound is just right.
  • Then our artisans select a range of tube sizes that when combined and touched by gentle breezes, create a deep resonating sound. Bamboo tubes emit notes based on size, large tubes produce lower tones and smaller tubes emit higher-pitched sounds. By hand-tuning each tube, then selecting a range of sizes, each Asli Arts chime produces a melody unique to itself.
  • Asli Arts is committed to producing innovative and quality home and garden decor products utilizing sustainable and recycled materials and the creative talents of Southeast Asian artists.
  • Length: 42 inches.

Natural Ring Large Wind Chime Sound Byte:

Price: $22.99

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By June C. on November 27, 2015:
Bamboo Wind Chime was just what I was looking for. Shipped promptly. Thank you for such great service.

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