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The Hummer, Issue #005 - Win a BirdCam 2.0 Sweepstakes
June 16, 2011

Exciting Sweepstakes Announcement!

Sweepstakes Entry Details

A Hummingbird Vine is a Magnet for Hummingbirds

"The Hummer" E-zine brings you the latest additions to The Hummingbird Guide website, many useful tips to learn more about them, how to attract them, how to keep them at your feeders, tips and reviews of the latest hummingbird products, discount promotions from our store, festivals, birding tours, and anything interesting relating to hummingbirds that we can find for you.

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Issue #005, June 16, 2011.

In this Issue:

1) BirdCam Sweepstakes Entry Details.
2) Plant a Hummingbird Vine to Attract Hummingbirds.
3) Hummingbird Guide Facebook Page.
4) Shop for Everything Hummingbirds....Special E-zine subscribers discount.
5) Contact Us with your suggestions for future E-zines.

Facebook BirdCam Sweepstakes Details!

We appreciate your loyalty to and are so pleased to announce this wonderful sweepstakes in collaboration with Wingscapes Inc.

One Wingscapes BirdCam 2.0 valued at $225.00, will be awarded to one winner each week for 3 consecutive weeks!

First, some details about this fabulous BirdCam Prize!

Wingscapes BirdCam 2.0

The highest-resolution BirdCam, the BirdCam 2.0 has a timelapse feature and a flash for nighttime photos. Easy enough for anyone to use, but powerful enough for serious bird watchers to enjoy, the BirdCam 2.0 has the features and flexibility you need for incredible bird photography.

The BirdCam 2.0 takes 8-megapixel, high-resolution photos and videos of your backyard birds. And with a timelapse setting and a flash for nighttime photos, you'll see more than ever before. Anyone who loves birds is sure to be amazed by this innovative bird watching tool! And thanks to the flash, you can capture photos of nighttime birds such as owls and nighthawks.

How to Enter the BirdCam Sweepstakes:

Go to our Facebook Page Hit the "LIKE" button (if you're not already a fan), go to our "WALL" to see the post for the next step to enter the sweepstakes.


Plant a Hummingbird Vine,
Its A Must to Attract Hummingbirds!

Hummingbird Vine

A Hummingbird Vine is actually a Trumpet Vine with long tubular nectar rich flowers that the hummingbirds love.

These vines are exceptionally easy to grow and care for.

We are happy to announce our new affiliation with
Direct Gardening where you can buy direct and save on hummingbird vines and perennials.

We found this great price on a convenient package deal to plant your complete Hummingbird Garden. It includes all the plants you need to get started.

Complete Hummingbird Garden Package

Visit our "Hummingbird Flower Garden" page to find the link to purchase the "Hummingbird Garden Package".

If you haven't already, you just might like to become a fan on our Hummingbird Guide Facebook page!

Especially with a chance to win the BirdCam 2.0!

It's "A-buzz" with activity and has been growing by leaps and bounds!
We now have over 1124 fans, more than double since our last newsletter.
We have many new visitor photos, videos and conversations.
We would love to see your photos and videos, come join the fun!
I'm sure your hummers have arrived, get out your camera and send us some shots.

Please visit Our Store. There is a large selection of decorative, unique, basic hummingbird feeders along with many accessories such as the ant moats and brushes. Also, we have many beautiful "Woodstock" wind chimes available, Gifts and Birdbaths.

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Have an enjoyable Summer!

I saw a hummingbird today..........

Sweetness and Joy is on the way!

See you soon,

Jim & Ruth

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