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The Hummer, Issue #008 - Hummer Migration 2013, Subscriber Discount
April 03, 2013

The Hummingbirds Have Started Their Migration!

Hummingbird Migration 2013 Has Started!

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Issue #008, April 3, 2013.

In this Issue:

1) We Need Your Help!
2) Updated Hummingbird Migration Sightings & Map 2013.
3) Most Popular Hummingbird Products and Special Discounts!
4) Plant a Hummingbird Vine
5) Hummingbird Guide Social Network.
6) Shop for Everything Hummingbirds....Special E-zine subscribers discount.
7) Contact Us with your suggestions for future E-zines

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The Long Awaited Hummingbird Migration 2013!

Use our Hummingbird Migration Map 2013 to see the progress of the migration. With this, you can estimate the arrival of your "Hummers"! Post your sightings to help everyone get ready. Scientists are telling us that in some states the hummingbirds maybe returning before the flowering plants are in full bloom. So they need our feeders more than ever.

We are not basking in the 80 degree sunshine like last spring. Nonetheless it has been another mild winter in Vermont. So Jim and I hadn’t been dreaming (too much anyway this year) of joining the hummingbirds basking in the Caribbean sunshine. There is word from the scientists that the hummingbirds have been returning weeks earlier in recent years. They believe it is the changing climate. We like to think it’s the sweet nectar we have waiting for them at our feeders in anticipation of their return to us.

You can follow the migration sightings and post yours when the time comes.

You can get an estimation of this years arrival in your area by going to our Migration Sighting/Map of 2012 to see when they arrived last year.

See the Spring Migration Map 2012 to help you estimate the arrival of hummingbirds in your area.

Popular Hummingbird Feeders and Accessories!

Have you ever wished to hand feed a hummingbird? Now you can with this Hand Held Hummingbird Tube Feeder. Great Fun! Kids Love It Too!

Hand Held Tube Hummingbird Feeder

To Attract More Hummingbirds, Hang More Feeders!

Here is a beautiful Decorative Feeder and Basic Feeder which I believe is the BEST of the basics!

Decorative Hummingbird Feeder Porcelain Bird Feeder

Here is my favorite Window Feeder. I watch my hummers from my kitchen window.

Window Hummingbird Feeder

Two of our most popular Accessories:

Hummer Nesting Kit Red Ant Moat

Learn How to Attract More Hummingbirds!

Try Hanging Red Ribbons on your feeders and around your property! or Make Your Nectar Stronger!

Vist our Attracting Page to Learn More!

A Hummingbird Vine is a Great Attractant!

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Have an enjoyable Spring!

I saw a hummingbird today..........

Sweetness and Joy is on the way!

See you soon,

Jim & Ruth

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