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Valentine Hummingbirds
January 29, 2022

Welcome to
the Hummingbird Guide
January Newsletter!

Winter Hummingbirds
January 2022!
Post Your Sightings!

Valentines Day
Hummingbird Jewelry

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Issue #46, January 29, 2022.

In this Issue:

1) Winter Hummingbirds.
2) Hummingbird Feeder Heater
3) Valentine Hummingbird Jewelry.
4) Our Hummingbird Starter Kit.
5) More Useful Products!
6) Plan Your Hummingbird Garden!
7) Our Hummingbird Migration Tracker App.
8) Shop for Everything Hummingbirds....Special E-zine subscribers discount.
9) Our Revised Pinterest Page.
10) Link on your mobile device.
11) Hummingbird Guide Social Network.
12) Contact Us with your suggestions for future E-zines

Message from Ruth & Jim:

This is a very concerning time in our society. Our hearts go out to everyone now being impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.

In Native American Culture, hummingbirds are seen as Healers and Messangers of Love,
Good Luck and Joy.
They also symbolize courage and resilience because of their long migration.

We hope your hummingbirds bring some comfort and distraction from these trying times.

Winter Hummingbirds
Winter 2021/2022.

Winter Hummingbirds, for the purpose of reference, are those that stay year round ("overwinter") in the United States and are found mainly in the Southwest regions. In recent years there has been an increasing number of sightings in the Southeast region of the country. The Rufous hummingbird is the most common sighted in the Southeast and sightings have been increasing in recent years.

Post Your Sightings Here!

We are excited for the 2nd year of this new project
of tracking "Winter Hummingbirds"!

We plan to continue our Winter Sightings Map in the years to come to observe and document the statistics of any change to hummingbird behavior during the winter months and where they inhabit North America.

If you are observing hummingbirds at your feeders this Winter, we would like to track the Winter population of hummingbirds with your sighting report.

We would like to see what species and where they are "overwintering" in the United States and Canada.

Learn about "Winter Hummingbirds" here!

Why Post Your Sighting?

Reporting your sightings will help to track any change in hummingbird behavior during the winter months.

It will also help others who live nearby who would like to attempt attracting "Winter Hummingbirds" to their home!

"Overwintering" Hummingbirds are increasing in numbers and expanse. That is another reason we recommend leaving your feeders up in the Fall for at least 2 weeks after you think you've seen the last of your visitors. You just might be one of the lucky ones to attract "Winter Hummingbirds" to their feeders!

Keep Your Feeders Warm

During Those Cold Snaps

"Hummingbird Feeder Heater"

The Hummingbird Feeder Heater is a simple, convenient solution to frozen feeders. The Hummingbird Heater will help both you and your hummingbirds through freezing conditions.
* No more swapping frozen feeders.
* No more venturing out before the crack of dawn to put out a thawed feeder.
* No more worrying about a feeder freezing when you're not home.

NOTE: Has been out of stock.
Ready to Ship Next Week!

Find More Info here.

Valentine's Day is Coming!

We Have a Large Selection of
Hummingbird Jewelry
For That Someone Special!

Hummingbirds Are A Symbol of Love!

Visit Our NOVICA Jewelry Selection here!

NOVICA directly connects customers with some of the world's brilliant artisans.

Some Helpful "Hummingbird Gear"
You Might Consider.

Check your feeders for damage or leaks and maybe replace them. Make sure they are clean and you have all the accessories you need such as an ant moat to keep those pesky ants off your feeders or a "Hummer Helper Helmet" to shade your feeders in the hot sun.

Ant Moat Self- Measuring Nectar Pitcher

Dr.JB's Feeder Hummingbird Feeder Helmet

Fresh Nectar Defender HummBug Insect Feeder

If You Know Someone Who Would Love to Start Enjoying Hummingbirds!

Our New!

Hummingbird Lover Starter Kit

Think Spring!

Before You Know it, the Hummingbird Migration Will Be Here!
We have our "Spring Migration Map" all ready to go!

It's Not Too Early!
Plan Your Hummingbird Garden!
For Spring Planting!

We've Teamed Up With Nature Hills Nursery.
America's Largest Online Plant Nursery!

Nature Hills has one of the BEST rated reputations of all online nurseries available!

Nature Hills guarantees that every plant they ship is of the finest quality and that your order will be carefully handled and shipped to ensure that you receive a healthy product.

Visit Our Flower Shop to Order Plants, Vines, Bushes for Your Hummingbird Garden!

A Few of the Many Positive Reviews for Nature Hills!

"The tree was delivered in great conditions and looks good even though I could tell that it is on the older side. I would recommend Nature Hills Nursery, Inc!"-Nouhou T.

"I ordered primropp yellow lilacs. They arrived within 10 days. I was very impressed by the packaging the plants arrive in. I was very impressed by the stock of bare roots that arrived strong and healthy. The instructions that came with how to plant a bare-root plants plan excellent. I will definitely order from Nature Hills Nursery again."-Laureen K.

"A very good experience. Ordering was a breeze, and although Mother Nature delayed a few products, shipping was quick. Any issues we have encountered have been dealt with, and their customer service has been awesome."-Patty T.

"Trees and plants arrived in great shape. They are really growing fast, just keep them watered. Would buy again, wonderful service."-Edward B.

"Plants were healthy and arrived in excellent condition!"-Abigail H.


Bee Balm


Hummingbird Vine


Azalea Bush

The Hummingbird Tracker App

Follow the 2021 Fall Migration
From Your Smartphone

The Hummingbird Tracker AppNew Features: Best Feeders, Hummingbird Identifier, Hummingbird Garden Design, FAQ's and MORE!

Available here:

The Hummingbird Guide Store!

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We have worked hard to bring our website up to the highest level of security.

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You can shop with confidence that our store is secure and any page that you visit on our site is secure!

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Enjoy the rest of the Spring and Summer!

See you soon,

Jim & Ruth

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