Winter Hummingbirds

Winter Hummingbirds, for the purpose of reference, are those that stay year round ("overwinter") in the United States and are found mainly in the Southwest regions. In recent years there has been an increasing number of sightings in the Southeast region of the country. The Rufous hummingbird is the most common sighted in the Southeast and sightings have been increasing in recent years.

We are now tracking your winter hummingbird sightings with our Winter Hummingbird Map below.

Overwintering hummingbirds are a result of the increased interest in hummingbirds and enthusiasts planting hummingbird friendly gardens and displaying hummingbird feeders.

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The 10 species most common to "Overwinter" in the United States:


  1. Ruby-throated
  2. Rufous
  3. Black-chinned
  4. Buff-bellied
  5. Calliope
  6. Allen's
  7. Broad-tailed
  8. Anna's
  9. Broad-billed
  10. Costa's

Winter Location 
(But Not Exclusive)

  1. Extreme Southern Florida
  2. Gulf Coast
  3. Southeast Gulf Coast
  4. Texas, Louisiana & Mississippi
  5. Southern Louisiana
  6. West Coast
  7. Southeast
  8. West Coast
  9. Southern & Central Arizona
  10. California, Arizona & Baja

We are excited to start this new project
of tracking "Winter Hummingbirds"!

These hummingbirds that "Overwinter" in the United States may be a rare sighting and some, more common. 

We have established a "Winter Sightings Map" of sighting reports from you, our visitors.
See it here.

If you are one of the lucky ones to enjoy these rare and not-so-rare winter hummingbirds we would appreciate your post to the map.
Post your sighting here.

We plan to continue our Winter Sightings Map in the years to come to observe and document the statistics of any change to hummingbird behavior during the winter months and where they inhabit North America.

If you are observing hummingbirds at your feeders this Winter, we would like to track the Winter population of hummingbirds with your sighting reports.

Please report what species and where they are "overwintering" in the United States and Canada.

Use this form to submit your sighting:

Winter Hummingbird Sightings Map
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Click the markers to see more information about the individual sightings.

Note: For Directions To Find A Post(s)/Sighting(s) For A Specific "City, State" Click HERE.

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