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The Hummingbird Migration
Mobile App

Introducing our Hummingbird Migration Mobile App!

the "Hummingbird Tracker"

Download the app to follow the hummingbird migration and submit your sightings right from your smartphone to our Migration Map.

Follow the migration and take "Our Interactive Migration Map" with you on your phone wherever you go! 

Also, with convenient links to a photo gallery, our Newsletter, Blog, Facebook, Twitter, and Store.

Our latest updated version now has a Store Coupon (Well worth the download!), a Printable Nectar Recipe, and a Photo Upload Form to submit your favorite hummingbird photos to the gallery!

All From Your Smartphone!

NOTE:The company who hosted our App had shut down! Consequently, we could not update the old (previous version) app for 2020.

After many weeks of searching we have found a new host for the App.

Thank you for your patience and our sincere apologies to those who have download the original version of the app and see that it has not been working properly and updated for 2020.

Our New App Version Is Now Available In the Google Play Store, Apple App Store & Amazon!

The "Hummingbird Tracker"
is Available Here:

Here is a note we received from one of our visitors, Goeffrey Tucker:

"Ok. Thanks for replying. You are doing a fantastic job. I love Hummingbirds and this app lets us who love them feel like we're making a contribution to their study and welfare. Keep up the good work."

If you enjoy this App and find it useful please leave a Review in The Google Play Store, iTunes App Store or the Amazon App Store. The more visitors who download our app; the more sightings will be posted and in turn help us all to follow the Hummingbird Migration!

The "Hummingbird Tracker"
is Available Here:

App Screenshot of

Hummingbird Migration Mobile App HomeHummingbird Tracker App Home

App Screenshot of
Migration Map

Hummingbird Migration Mobile App MapHummingbird Tracker App Map

App Screenshot of
Sighting Form

Hummingbird Migration Mobile App Sighting FormHummingbird Tracker App Sighting Form

 App Screenshot of
Feeder Reviews

Hummingbird Tracker App Photo Form

App Screenshot of
Hummingbird Identifier

Hummingbird Tracker App Nectar Recipe ScreenshotHummingbird Tracker App Nectar Recipe

App Screenshot of

Hummingbird Migration Mobile App Photo GalleryHummingbird Tracker App Photo Gallery

App Screenshot of Hummingbird Garden Design

App Screenshot of
Hummingbird Blog

The "Hummingbird Tracker"
is Available Here:

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