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Hummingbird Feeder

The Hummingbird Feeder Heater is a simple, convenient solution to frozen feeders.

The Heater will help both you and your hummingbirds through freezing conditions.

  • No more swapping frozen feeders.
  • No more venturing out before the crack of dawn to put out a thawed feeder.
  • No more worrying about a feeder freezing when you're not home.

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Effective. Depending on wind conditions, the Hummer Hearth can keep smaller hummingbird feeders thawed when temperatures dip to about 10 F or -12C with the supplied 7-watt bulb. You can protect from freezing at lower temperatures with the optional 15-watt bulb.

Easy. The Hummer Hearth hummingbird food heater is easy to install and remove. It fits a wide range of feeders. It is held in place by three hooks and adjustable elastic cords. A rubber grip ring helps hold it in position on the bottom of the feeder while also sealing in warm air against the feeder.

Simple.  The Hummer Hearth puts the heat where it is needed and gently warms the nectar from beneath.

Safe. The Hummer Hearth is supplied with a 6-foot power cord / lamp holder which complies with UL / CAS specifications for outdoor wet conditions. It includes a fuse protected plug, polarized contacts, and cord strain protection.

Attractive. The Hummer Hearth is designed to complement the feeder it is attached to. Plus, the pleasant red glow lets you know it is working.

Inexpensive to Operate. The Hummer Hearth hummingbird food heater requires only pennies of electricity a day. At least 20 times less than a heat lamp.

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Feeder Features that Work Best with the heater:

The Heater will provide at least some freeze protection to any feeder to which it is attached.

Certain features help the Heater to keep nectar thawed at lower temperatures:

Flat or Rounded Bottom Feeders:
Hummer Hearth works best when in contact with the bottom of the feeder without any air gaps.

Smaller Size:
The heat of a 7-watt or 15-watt light bulb in the Heater keeps the nectar from freezing (without allowing the nectar to get too warm). The larger the hummingbird feeder the more heat is required. Depending on wind conditions a 15-watt bulb can keep smaller feeders thawed to lower temperatures, as low as 5 degrees F or -15 C.

Feeder Placement:
Wind chill will significantly affect the heater performance. Whenever possible, position your hummingbird feeder in an area protected from winds; additionally, a rain/snow cover helps as well.

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  • Easy to install, remove, and clean
  • Safety. UL compliant outdoor-rated cord with built-in fuse.
  • Adjustable mounting hooks fit wide range of feeders.
  • Attractive. Provides pleasing red glow.
  • Saves time. It's easy to see when it's time to refill the nectar; you won't have to go out in the cold just to check.
  • Safe for birds. Will not over-heat nectar (when used as directed). Constructed with food safe materials.
  • Money-saving. Uses barely a trickle of electricity; costs just pennies per day to operate.

Heater with 7 Watt Bulb

Price: $49.99


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Heater with Extra 15 Watt Bulb

Price: $51.99


NOTE: If ordered along with other products this will be delivered  separately. 

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A Customer's Experience

Here is Bill Taylor's experience with our hummingbird feeder heater which he purchased here:

Bill's Story: This hummingbird, her name is Sella, has been to my feeder three winters in a row. She shows up in late fall and leaves in April. She is a female Rufus hummingbird and was banded by an ornithologist the first year she appeared and I've confirmed the band each of the following two years by getting up close photos while she is on the feeder. The feeder heater has been a great help, I got it here on Hummingbird Guide. We named her Sella after the genus name Selasphorus Rufus.

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