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Does Your Mom Love Hummingbirds!
May 04, 2019

Happy Mothers Day!
Hope Your Hummingbirds are Home for Mothers Day!

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"The Hummer" Newsletter brings you the latest additions to The Hummingbird Guide website, many useful tips to learn more about them, how to attract them, how to keep them at your feeders, tips and reviews of the latest hummingbird products, discount promotions from our store, festivals, birding tours, and anything interesting relating to hummingbirds that we can find for you.

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Issue #033, May 4, 2019.

In this Issue:

1) Mothers Day Gift Ideas.
2) Our Featured Product Line.
3) Our Hummingbird Migration Tracker App.
4) Shop for Everything Hummingbirds....Special E-zine subscribers discount.
5) Our Revised Pinterest Page.
6) The Hummingbird Nest.
7) Hummingbird Migration 2019 Update
8) Link on your mobile device.
9) Hummingbird Guide Social Network.
10) Contact Us with your suggestions for future E-zines

Hummingbird Products Make
Great Mothers Day Gifts!

Hummingbird Gifts Can be Cherished for a Lifetime!

We have a selection of fine "Hummingbird Gifts in our store."

Hummingbird Stained Glass Window Panel

Attractive Decorative Hummingbird Feeders!

The Garden Top-Fill Molton Hummingbird Feeder

Does Your Mom Love Hummingbirds?
What a Great Day to Introduce Her to
Our Hummingbird Friends!

With Our New!

Hummingbird Lover Starter Kit

If she already is a host to our little friends, we have a great selection of beautiful decorative feeders, accessories, ant moats to rid the pesky invaders, brushes to make the feeder cleaning chores easier, hummingbirds at a birdbath is fun to watch!

How about an exquisite unique Wind Chime!

We feature many Woodstock Wind Chimes hand tuned by Gary Kvistel, a Grammy Award winning musician.

Wind ChimesUnique Feeders

Tray FeedersWindow Feeders

Decorative FeedersAccessories

Our Featured Hummingbird Product Line!

The Droll Yankees Hummingbird Products!

I really like the Droll Yankees New Line of Hummingbird Feeders Introduced Last Spring!

What I like:

  1. Very Attractive and Nice to Look At!
  2. The Smaller Size is ideal for establishing multiple feeding zones.
  3. The Ruby Red Cover Attracts Hummingbirds.
  4. The Clear Dish Allows for a Visual Nectar Level.
  5. Comes With a Port Brush for Cleaning.

The Droll Yankees Hanging Hummingbird Feeders:

Droll Yankees Clear Dish Hanging Hummingbird FeederDroll Yankees Lavender Dish Hanging Hummingbird Feeder
Droll Yankees
Clear Dish Hanging Feeder
Droll Yankees
Lavender Dish Hanging Feeder

The Droll Yankees Window Hummingbird Feeders:

Droll Yankees
Clear Dish Window Feeder
Droll Yankees
Lavender Dish Window Feeder

The Droll Yankees Feeder Accessories:

Droll Yankees
Ant Moat
Droll Yankees
Feeder Brush

Use promo code: "thehummer" for a Special 10% Discount to our e-zine subscribers which you can use on your whole order in our STORE.

Our Current 2019
Hummingbird Migration Map Screenshot

Post Your Sightings When They Arrive!

Click the Map
for the 2019 Submission Form.

The Hummingbird Tracker App

Follow the 2019 Migration
From Your Smartphone

The 2019 Spring Hummingbird Migration has Started! You can now follow the Migration and Submit your Sightings right from your Smartphone using our new Hummingbird Tracker App.

Available here:

The Hummingbird Nest!
Can You Imagine One!

Hummingbird nests are truly incredible!

They can be as tiny as a walnut shell but marvelously constructed.

There are many interesting facts about them, one being that they have elastic sides that stretch as the babies grow!

Vist the Hummingbird Nest Page to Learn More!

The Hummingbird Baby!
Can You Imagine One!

See a gallery of photos of a hummingbird nest and the first 20 days of the chicks in the nest before they fledge the nest.

The Hummingbird Guide Store!

Our Website is Now at
The Highest Level of Security!

We have worked hard to bring our website up to the highest level of security.

You will notice "https" in our URL (web address) in your address bar of your browser and the "Padlock" icon indicating that our website meets the standards for the highest level of security.

You can shop with confidence that our store is secure and any page that you visit on our site is secure!

Please visit Our Store. There is a large selection of decorative, unique, basic hummingbird feeders along with many accessories such as the ant moats and brushes. Also, we have many beautiful "Woodstock" wind chimes available, Gifts and Birdbaths.

Use promo code: "thehummer" for a Special 10% Discount to our newsletter subscribers which you can use on your whole order in our store.

Let Others Know About
Your "Favorite" or "Not-so-Favorite"
Hummingbird Product!

Submit your personal review here.

See Our Revised Pinterest Page!

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Our Website is "Mobile Friendly"!

Add our website to the "Homescreen" of your Smartphone to have quick and easy access to follow the Hummingbird Migration as we update your sightings.

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Enjoy the rest of the Spring and Summer!

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Jim & Ruth

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Sweetness and Joy is on the way!

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