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Featured New Tray Feeders!

The Hummingbird Haven Tray Feeder - SE996

With a Reputation to be.......
"The Easiest to Clean Feeder That You Will Ever Own"!

The Hummingbird Haven Tray Feeder

Introductory Price: $24.99

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Tweet Heart Lantern Hummingbird Feeder - SEHH101

"The amazing qualities of this copper feeder
can't be beat!"

Introductory Price: $39.99

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Classic Tray Feeder

Price $17.99

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Hummingbird Haven
Feeder - SE996

Price: $24.99

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Happy 8 Tray Feeder

Price $49.99

More Info!

Ruby Sipper
Clear Dish Feeder

Pricd: $19.99

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Ruby Sipper
Lavender Dish Feeder

Price: $19.99

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HummZinger Excel

Price $29.99

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HummZinger Ultra Tray Feeder

Price $29.99

More Info!

HummZinger Fancy Red Feeder

Price $39.99

More Info!

HummZinger Little Fancy Rose

Price $22.99

More Info!

HummZinger Mini Tray

Price $22.99

More Info!

HummBlossom 4oz Rose

Price: $15.99

More Info!

HummBlossom 4oz Plum

Price: $15.99

More Info!

HummZinger High View Feeder

Price: $29.99

More Info!

FummZinger High View Mini Feeder

Price: $24.99

More Info!

HummZinger Nectar Guards

Price $5.99

More Info!

Little Flyer Tray Feeder

Price $31.99

More Info!

Oasis Tray Feeder

Price $23.99

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Have Hummingbirds Nest In Your Yard!

  • Hang this nesting material in your yard
  • Watch for a hummingbird taking the nest material
  • Follow her to the nest
  • Enjoy the observations & photo opportunities of the babies!

Hummingbird Nesting Kit
More Info

Now You Can Watch This On Your TV!

  • Hang the HD Spy Cam near the nest
  • Hook the cable to your TV
  • Watch the Babies right on your TV!

Hummingbird HD Spy Cam
More Info

Want to Refill Your Feeders Less Often?

  • Hang the Hummer Helmet over your feeders
  • Prolongs the life of the nectar
  • Keeps squirrels from your feeders!

Hummer Helmet
More Info

Are Ants Feasting on Your Feeders?

  • Hang the Ant Moat over your feeders
  • Fill with water
  • Voila! Ants can't swim!

Ant Moat
More Info

Prevent Catastrophes at Your Window Feeders?

  • Stick a Window Decal on your window
  • You can see through
  • Hummers see it as a barrier!

Window Decal
More Info

Turn Your Feeder Into A Window Feeder?

  • Stick the suction cup hanger on a window
  • Hang your feeder of choice
  • You now have a Hummingbird Window Feeder!

Window Feeder Hanger
More Info

Ready To Use Nectar!

  • No mixing, ready to use
  • No Dyes or Additives
  • Most closely simulates nectar from flowers!

Clear Hummingbird Nectar
More Info