Hummingbird Photo Gallery

We started our hummingbird photo gallery to highlight the many photos that we receive from our visitors through our submission form and photo contest. After asking our visitors if they were interested in seeing a gallery page dedicated to their photo submissions, the positive response was overwhelming.

We hope to encourage everyone to also join us at our facebook page to share with each other your photos, sightings, experiences, and tips to enjoy the wonderful hummingbird!

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Photos Submitted from Our Photo Contest

Photos Submitted Through
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Submitted by Cecil Allbright
Englewood, OH

Submitted  by Melanie Lay
Bartlesville, OK

Submitted by Tom Lumpkin
Bartlett, TN

Submitted by Tom Lumpkin 
Bartlett, TN

Submitted  by Melanie Lay
Bartlesville, OK

Submitted by Ugo Traccoli
Burlington, Ontario

Submitted by Lise Brayham
North Vancouver, BC

Submitted by Lise Brayham
North Vancouver, BC

Submitted by Linda Frazier
Walker, LA

Submitted by Ugo Traccoli
Burlington, Ontario

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Our Visitor's Photo Submissions

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Hummy the hummer  
We absolutely love our hummingbirds. They are spoiled and I tell myself that in exchange for food and shelter hummy gives me beautiful poses. This …

My morning view 

Protecting the feeder 
Arrived 6/17/16. Chasing away all others!

Happy Hummers 
Hummingbird feeding off my handmade pot for the first time!!! Oh happy day!!!!

Swarms of Hummingbirds at the Bull River Guest Ranch 
I enjoy photographing hummingbirds with ambient light, flash, and sometimes combining both light sources. It helps to have a lot of hummingbirds …

Black chin arrival 
We waited a long time this year to see hummingbirds. They usually arrive early March, but this year they arrived later. This photo was taken March …

Just Sitting around 
I am fairly new to hummingbirds. Got into it late last summer, hopefully I'll have more this summer.

Can We Talk? 
This photo was captured as this male Ruby-throat Hummingbird perched in my garden keeping guard over the nectar rich flowers.

I hope to get back into this photography this year. I am in a wheelchair now so it will be a lot different now. I took this over five years ago in The …

A lovely jewel at my Jewel Box feeder 
Our local Allen's and Anna's hummingbirds love the two Aspect's Jewel Box feeders (I have no affiliation with Aspects, just love their feeder) in …

Watching me! Not rated yet
Putting on my makeup the other morning I noticed her sitting on top of the feeder watching me. She even let me take photos of her from just a foot …

One of our visitors  Not rated yet
He isn't camera shy!

Taking up residence Not rated yet
Feeder has been up about a month but this weekend (May 14-15) was very busy. This little guy was very brave and let me take several pictures from …

First hummingbird of the year! Not rated yet
Looks like a cross I love this picture!

Dainty Calliope Hummingbird Love the Cold Mountains! Not rated yet
I wonder why the tiny calliope hummingbird travels all the way from Mexico to the cold mountains of the Pacific Northwest. I get a few at my home near …

Our first baby rubythroat Not rated yet
We saw our first baby rubythroat hummingbird on mothers day.

Flying in Blackness Not rated yet
I've been photographing Hummingbirds for a few years now and really enjoy the challenge. They are among the most difficult subjects in the world.

Anna's hummingbird Not rated yet
Took this in 2010 at Tomales Bay, California with this equipment Canon 7D, 400/5.6

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