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Senior Travel Central

Senior Travel Central Introduction!

Introducing our new other site......Senior Travel Central.

Senior Travel Central is here to help with all facets of travel with, you, the senior traveler in mind.

Whether you are a seasoned traveler or you delayed your travels until now, the information here will make your travel planning simple in every way. 

Find some of the best senior vacations and destinations with your ideals in mind such as the best senior travel deals, transportation, passports when needed, travel insurance, safety including Covid19 protocols, health restriction travel plans and senior handicapped travel. 

Perhaps we can help you whether you plan to travel alone, or with a senior travel partner, or with any of the numerous senior travel groups.  

In short, we hope to provide you with the knowledge to become savvy travelers with nothing to hold you back, ready for many enjoyable trips.

Senior Travel Central

Senior Travel Central Introduction

Learn about:

  • Our Personal Travels & Recommendations.
  • Planning Your Next Trip
  • Best Senior Travel Deals 
  • Vacation Sweepstakes
  • Senior Travel Groups
  • Travel Groups for Women
  • Travel Clubs for Seniors
  • Long Stay Vacations
  • Best Travel Tips for Seniors
  • Travel Safety Tips

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