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                  ...........An Insider's Guide!

Do you love hummingbirds?

Want to Attract Hummingbirds to Your Home but Not Sure How to Start? 

Hummingbirds have been our passion more than 40 years now and with our experience, we will show how easy it is to get started!

If you are a beginner and putting out your first feeder we will show you how to attract lots of hummers and keep them coming to your feeders year after year.

As a seasoned enthusiast, you will find interesting up to date information that you "didn't already know", and products to enhance your experience and solve feeder problems that might occur. 

We (Jim & Ruth) built this website to share with You our first hand knowledge and offer a wealth of information, resources, tips, photos and products for your hummingbird enjoyment.

We will answer your questions..........

How do I start attracting hummingbirds to my feeders or flowers, How do I attract more hummingbirds, How to keep hummingbirds coming year after year,

How do I plant a hummingbird flower garden, What flowers attract hummingbirds, Where should I plant a garden, Do hummingbirds use trees and shrubs, 

Do hummingbirds need water, What kind of feeder should I use,

When should I hang my feeders in the Spring, When should I take down my feeders, When do hummingbirds migrate,

How do I stop ants from crawling into my feeders, How to prevent bees from taking over a feeder, How do hummingbirds sleep, 

What should I do when I'm going on vacation or not able attend to my feeders, How to clean my feeders, How often should I change the hummingbird food in my feeders, 

How to feed hummingbirds in the Winter, How to help a sick hummingbird, 

NOTE: We live in Vermont and have 14 feeders spread throughout our property. We discovered that if we hang more feeders; we attracted more hummers each year. Our experience, observations, and research are what we share with you. 

Over the years this website has turned into a community of hummingbird lovers. We welcome you today and please visit regularly.

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We hope to help you enjoy your little feathered friends more than ever, so stay a while and browse all the free information.
If you have any questions feel free to contact us, we
are usually able to answer inquiries promptly.

Our Hummingbird Migration Map
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Migration Map Spring 2024

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  • Attract: Anyone can learn how to attract lots of these beautiful little birds, understand the different features of feeders, what Flowers are most appreciated by these tiny birds and how to plant a Garden for them.

  • Facts: Read amazing and detailed facts such as the large number of species, the long Migration, and the essential Nourishment needed to make this long journey. See our Fun Facts for kids to encourage learning and understanding the elements of nature.

  • Migration: See a Migration Map of sightings submitted by our visitors each Fall and Spring. Follow the migration each year while anticipating their arrival in your areas. 
  • Flowers: See our complete hummingbird flower garden plans and the steps to easily grow hummingbird attracting plants.
  • Species: Identify the species of hummingbirds visiting your feeders. Learn about endangered species and how we can help with their survival.

  • Food: Learn about the hummingbird's diet and what they need to survive. How to make homemade hummingbird food/nectar.
  • Rescue: What to do in the event of a sick or injured hummingbird

  • Photography: Our Photography section includes lots of gorgeous photographs, tips on how to photograph, and a gallery for your Photo Submissions. For the videographer visit our Video collection and submit your videos.

  • Feeders: Find all types of Feeders including Basic, Decorative, Tray, Window and Unique in our Store. Discover practical Accessories such as Ant Moats, the Hummmer Helmet, WebCams and special Birdbaths. We can solve all your feeder problems with our Tips/FAQ. The Hummer theme has inspired beautiful Gifts.

  • Travel: Learn about Travel opportunities to view these fascinating birds. Find out about museums, family parks, eco-lodges and romantic resorts

  • Art: These gorgeous birds inspire Poetry and Art. For the poets and writers, submit your poems and stories. We host ongoing writing Contests to encourage kids to learn about them.

With beautiful iridescent feathers that reflect sunlight at certain angles, these tiny creatures are truly fascinating!


We have many hummingbird products such as basic feeders, decorative feeders, tray/dish feeders, window feeders, ant moats, bee proof feeders, windchimes, hummingbird birdbaths, gifts, jewelry, and many accessories to help with your hummingbird hobby!


Jim's Photo of a Male Ruby-throated hummingbird.
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