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Hummingbird Videos

produced by the Hummingbird Guide
and visitor contributions

 Our Hummingbird Videos.

Here you will find various videos of hummingbirds or anything relating to hummingbirds.

We hope you enjoy them and share them. We especially like to receive your videos. There is a form below to submit yours.

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We are searching to re-introduce our
Streaming Bird Cam"!

In our first year of streaming I built a bird box over the winter and successfully attracted a pair of Black-capped Chickadees who built a nest to start a family. They raised 6 healthy chicks and you can see the history from nest building to the day the chicks fledged the nest on our Nest Box Video page.

Last year in 2016 we had live streaming inside the nest box of Tree Swallows. They are beautiful birds who return year to year to our box. We will post the link to the captured video from our streaming camera when we upload it.

Our Live Streaming BirdCam is Not Available at This Time.
In the past we used Ustream, a free streaming host, for hosting our Live Streaming Video.
Unfortunately, IBM purchased Ustream, and as a result the charges for the service are very expensive, targeted to large corporations.
We are currently searching for another Live Streaming Host.

Hummingbird Videos Produced by
The Hummingbird Guide

NOTE: The first two videos below were produced with and old High8 Sony Camcorder.

Since then we have a new HD Camcorder which captures great videos with some impressive quality.

Baby Hummingbird Video
by Jim White

This "Baby Hummingbird Video" is special because we get a chance to see the innocence of youth.

(Technically, babies in the nest can't fly, these are juvenile hummingbirds when they first leave the nest and visit our feeders.)

They are a little wary but will tolerate us being close to a hummingbird feeder.

Soon, though they will experience the buzz and warning dives of the dominant male, shooing them away from their guarded feeders.
The young ruby-throated males do not yet have their gorgeous, iridescent red gorget.
Some may show a few red throat feathers at their neck by summer's end.
They will develop their adult male plumage during their first tropical winter season.


Juvenile Hummingbirds Video
by Jim White

This "Juvenile Hummingbirds Video" is an introduction to this years finest!

Our hummingbird feeders have been extra busy this week with the arrival of our new acquaintances.
Every year we anxiously wait for the new arrivals to our hummingbird feeders.
We try to capture hummingbird video all season long but at this time of year video of juvenile hummingbirds is special.
It's like a "Welcome to Our Family" party!

After direction from mama serving as a GPS to navigate the little ones, the new jewels will frequent the feeders often.
They are especially social and tolerant of our presence since we are a mystery not encountered before.
In this video, I believe, the first hummingbird is a juvenile female and the second visitor is a juvenile male practicing his male dominant behavior by chasing the first youngster from the feeder.
If you look closely, the first one seems to have solid gray feathers on the neck which is relevant to females.
You can notice the "streaking" darker gray feathers on the neck of the second one. This is the usual plumage of a juvenile male.


One of Our Hummingbird's Favorite Feeder
by Jim White

Here's a video of the Faceted Ruby Hummingbird Feeder that is one of our hummingbird's favorite feeders. We have it hanging in front of one of our kitchen windows.  I captured this video with our new HD camera with the window open and some patience!

This particular feeder is available in Ruby Red, Cobalt Blue and Amethyst.

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Visit a collection of our visitor video submissions.

If you have a video camera, capturing these little guys can be a challenge and fun.

We especially encourage video sharing with your submissions. We would love to share your videos with all of our visitors.

Here's how this works: Using the form below, type in the story of your favorite humming bird video. Some details that you might include - Where? When? Circumstances? Equipment? Do you hang hummingbird feeders? Do you plant hummingbird flowers? Whatever details you would like to include, we want to hear about it.

To submit a video:

  • If you have a YouTube video just copy and paste the "embed code" in the text block of the submission form. or Go to YouTube, open an account (its FREE) submit your video and get the code.
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