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Hummingbird Feeding FAQs Hummingbird Feeding Tips

The most frequent asked hummingbird feeding FAQs answered; solving various problems such as bees, ants, squirrels, other birds, bats, leaking feeders, spoiling nectar, hummingbirds fighting, best hummingbird feeders.

Some Hummingbird feeding Tips about when to hang your feeder, when to take down your feeder, when you go on vacation, making hummingbird food, what flowers attract hummingbirds, taking pictures, sick hummingbird.

Question: How do I get rid of ants from a hummingbird feeder?

Answer: Use an ant moat.
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Question: How do I keep bees off a hummingbird feeder? 

Answer: The best way to deter bees, wasps or yellow jackets is to use a tray or dish style feeder, use bee proof hummingbird feeders or feeders with insect guards.
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Question: How do I keep bats from taking all of the nectar from my hummingbird feeders?

Answer: Use a bee guard.
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Question: When Should I Hang My Hummingbird Feeders?

Answer: About 2 weeks before hummingbirds migrate to your area or as soon as the weather in your area starts to get warmer.
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Question: How do I attract hummingbirds to my feeders.

Answer: Tie a red ribbons on the feeder and surrounding area to initially attract hummingbirds. 
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Question: I was told that the honey I used in my nectar recipe could harm my birds. How Do I Make Hummingbird Food?

Answer: Never use honey. Always use granulated sugar in your nectar recipe.
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Question: How Do I Make Hummingbird Nectar?

Answer: The ratio is 1 to 4. Add 1 part granulated sugar to 4 parts water and mix well.
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Question: How often should I change the food/nectar in my hummingbird feeders?

Answer: The food or nectar needs to be fresh and changed every 3 to 5 days to prevent spoilage, depending on the weather.
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Question: The hummingbirds aren’t interested in the flowers that I planted. What flowers attract hummingbirds?

Answer: Plant brightly colored flowers with a high nectar reserve prefered by hummingbirds.     
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Question: When should I take down my hummingbird feeders?

Answer: Leave your feeders out for at least two weeks after seeing the last one.   
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Question:  What should I do with my hummingbird feeders when I go away or on vacation?

Answer: Fill all feeders to the max before departing. When  the nectar is all consumed don't worry; Hummingbirds will survive without your feeders.
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Question: How do fix a leaking hummingbird feeder?

Answer: Use a tray or dish style feeder.
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Question: How do I clean a moldy hummingbird feeder?

Answer: Do a thorough general cleaning and clean the feeder mold with 10 parts water to 1 part bleach and rinse thoroughly .
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Question:  How do I keep the nectar from spoiling so fast in my hummingbird feeders?

Answer:  Use a "Hummer Helper" Helmet for shade or place your feeders in the shade and use "Fresh Nectar Defender" which is an all-natural product that protects the freshness of hummingbird nectar and stops spoilage.
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Question: My hummingbirds are fighting; Why do hummingbirds fight and how do I prevent fighting hummingbirds?

Answer: Hummingbird fight to defend their food supply and the food supply of their offspring. Hang more feeders separating them to different areas so they will be visible to some hummingbirds but not by all.
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Question: Where should I hang my hummingbird feeders?

Answer: Hang your hummingbird feeder in locations where they can be easily viewed by hummingbirds.
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Question: What kind of hummingbird feeder should I buy?

Answer: Buy a feeder that is durable, long lasting and easy to clean.                 
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Question: How do I photograph hummingbirds?

Answer: You need extra flashes and settings to capture their fast moving wings.
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Question: How can I find a hummingbird nest?

Answer: Display hummingbird nesting material and follow the hummingbird when it flies away with the material.

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Question: How do I supply water for hummingbirds and what kind of birdbath is best for hummingbirds?

Answer: Use a shallow birdbath or a birdbath with a spraying fountain. Hummingbirds need a fine mist or spray for drinking and bathing.
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Question: How do hummingbirds sleep?

Answer: Hummingbird Sleep is actually Hummingbird Torpor, a hibernation like state that allows hummingbirds to conserve energy by slowing down their metabolism, heartbeat, and respiration rate at night; usually hanging upside-down on a branch.
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Question: How do I safely remove a trapped hummingbird in my house?

Answer: Make the room or enclosed space as dark as possible. If the hummingbird cannot see, it will drop to the floor or a lower space. Now you can use a flashlight to try to find it. You can then use your hand to gently pick it up and release it outside.
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Question: What to do when a hummingbird flies into a window?

Answer: Wait and let it be while it is stunned. If the hummingbird does not recover and fly off right away, pick it up gently and check it for injury. You can offer it some nectar while it is restoring its wits and call a local hummingbird rehabilitator.
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Question: What to do with a sick or injured hummingbird?

Answer: It is best to contact a wildlife rehabilitator. If one cannot be reached or it will take some time for them to arrive, you might try to feed the hummingbird.
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Question: What can be done about a freezing hummingbird feeder on cold nights?

Answer: Interchange the feeders with warm feeders when the nectar starts to freeze, bring the feeders in at night or use a hummingbird feeder heater. 
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Question: What are Winter Hummingbirds?

Answer: Winter Hummingbirds, for the purpose of reference, are those that stay year round, overwinter in the United States and are found mainly in the Southwest regions and a few in the Southeast regions. 
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Question: Do all hummingbirds migrate to the South?

Answer: Some hummingbirds stay year round, overwinter, in the United States and are found mainly in the Southwest regions and a few in the Southeast regions. 
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Question: What should I do about a hummingbird nest on the ground?

Answer: Gently place it back in the original location. Watch the nest for a while. The mother should come back to feed within 15 minutes. 
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Question: How Do I Keep Squirrels and Raccoons away from a hummingbird feeder?

Answer: Buy a Pole Baffle or a Hanging Baffle.
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Question: How do I keep other birds from using my hummingbird feeders?

Answer: Use feeders without perches or hang more feeders.
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Hummingbird Rescue Situations

  • Problem: I have a trapped hummingbird in my house.
    Tip: Make the room dark.
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  • Problem: A hummingbird flew into my window.
    Tip: Wait and watch.
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  • Problem: A hummingbird is sick or injured.
    Tip: Call a Rehabilitator.
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  • Problem: It's cold out and my feeder is freezing.
    Tip: Take feeder in at night.
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  • Problem: There's a hummingbird nest on the ground.
    Tip: Replace the nest.
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