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The most frequent asked hummingbird feeding FAQs answered; solving various problems such as bees, ants, squirrels, other birds, bats, leaking feeders, spoiling nectar, hummingbirds fighting, best hummingbird feeders.

Some Hummingbird feeding Tips about when to hang your feeder, when to take down your feeder, when you go on vacation, making hummingbird food, what flowers attract hummingbirds, taking pictures, sick hummingbird.

  • Problem: Bees and wasps have invaded my hummingbird feeder.
    Tip: Buy a feeder with a bee guard.
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  • Problem: Ants have invaded my hummingbird feeders.
    Tip: Use an ant moat.
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  • Problem: Squirrels or Raccoons are bothering my hummingbird feeders.
  • Tip: Buy a Pole or Hanging Baffle.
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  • Problem: I think that possibly bats are emptying my hummingbird feeder.
    Tip: Use a bee guard.
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  • Problem: Other birds are feeding at my hummingbird feeders.
    Tip: Hang more feeders.
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  • Problem: I don’t know when to hang my feeders in the spring.
    Tip: As soon as the weather in your area starts to get warmer.
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  • Problem: I hung a feeder but haven’t seen any hummingbirds.
    Tip: Tie a red ribbon on the feeder to initially attract birds. 
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  • Problem: I was told that the honey I used in my nectar recipe could harm my birds.
    Tip: Never use honey. Always use granulated sugar in your nectar recipe.
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  • Problem: The hummingbirds aren’t interested in the flowers that I planted.
  • Tip: Hummingbirds prefer brightly colored flowers with a high nectar reserve.     
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More Hummingbird Feeding FAQs:

  • Problem: I took down my feeders too soon and a hungry hummingbird came to feed. 
  • Tip: Leave your feeders out for at least two weeks after seeing the last one.   
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  • Problem: I am going on vacation, what will happen to my hummingbirds
    Tip: They can survive without your feeders.
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  • Problem: My hummingbird feeder is leaking.
    Tip: Use a tray feeder.
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  • Problem: My hummingbird feeder is getting dirty with mold.
     Tip: Do a thorough cleaning.
            Read more: How to Clean a Hummingbird Feeder.
  • Problem: The nectar spoils quickly in my feeders.
    Tip: Use "Hummer Helper" Helmet or place your feeders in the shade.
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  • Problem: My hummingbirds are always fighting.
    Tip: Hang more feeders.
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More Hummingbird Feeding FAQs:

  • Problem: I don't know where to hang my hummingbird feeders.
    Tip: You can hang your hummingbird feeder in locations where they can be easily viewed.
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  • Problem: I don't know what kind of feeder to buy. There are so many choices
    Tip: Buy a feeder that is long lasting, easy to clean and possibly decorative (if you are so inclined).                 
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  • Problem: How do I photograph my hummingbirds when they are so fast.
    Tip: You need extra flashes to capture their wings
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  • Problem: How do I supply water for my hummingbirds?
    Tip: Hummingbirds need a fine mist or spray for drinking and bathing
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Hummingbird Rescue Situations

  • Problem: I have a trapped hummingbird in my house.
    Tip: Make the room dark.
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  • Problem: A hummingbird flew into my window.
    Tip: Wait and watch.
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  • Problem: A hummingbird is sick or injured.
    Tip: Call a Rehabilitator.
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  • Problem: It's cold out and my feeder is freezing.
    Tip: Take feeder in at night.
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  • Problem: There's a hummingbird nest on the ground.
    Tip: Replace the nest.
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