The Birth of my Hummingbird Sister

by Casey Mallard
(Havelock, N.C.)

It was a good thing, Ren the hummingbird, thought that he had come too early because there were many dangers during the day. He had to remember to come to the garden during dawn and after dusk. The golden beige of the sun broke through the haunting blue of the dawn just as the cranberry colored bird slipped into his cool, comforting nest.

Renflo,his father clambered up and fluttered gracefully away from the nest so that he can look for food. He flew out into the cool morning air. I think that sleep can wait, I whispered to myself because last night, my mum's single egg had hatched and inside was the most beautiful hummingbird I had ever seen. She was a radiant violet with a red throat and green speckled wings and her eyes - her eyes took your breath away! She was the most precious baby bird that I had every seen. We named her Violeta because of her color.
That night as I fed her sweet nectar, I looked into her silver, gleaming eyes and thought, "She will be a great bird. I just know it".
After feeding my baby sister, I flew off into the night with my fluttering red tipped wings. The sweet, dew covered honey suckle buds were in bloom. I floated in the night mist and waited patiently for the sugar-filled nectar. To a hummingbird like me, the nectar felt like cool rain running down my throat. My slender cherry red tongue sipped the fresh cool nectar. After I was full, I zipped away into the night. It was a perfect day and one that I would always remember.

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