Dr JBs 
Hummingbird Feeder 
Replacement Bases

The Dr JBs hummingbird feeder replacement bases is available with either 4 feeding ports or 8 feeding ports.

The 4 Port Dr. JB Feeder Base
with Red Flowers.

Replaces the SE6002 feeder base.

Price: $15.99


The 4 Port Dr. JB Feeder Base
with Yellow Flowers.

Replaces the SE6006 feeder base.

Price: $18.99


The 8 Port Dr. JB Feeder Base.

Price: $19.99


Have you ever wished your Hummingbird Feeder could expand as more Hummers visited in August-October during the Fall migration?

Now it can! Introducing the Dr. JB's Switchable Hummingbird Feeder System with Seasonal Sizing! This system allows you to cater to your Hummer population by offering several sizes of replacement bottles, all that fit perfect on your Dr. JB's Clean Feeder making the best Hummingbird feeder on the market even better!

Dr JBs Hummingbird Feeder Switchable Bottle  Features:

  • The Switchable Hummingbird Feeder System
  • Wide mouth jar for easy cleaning and no mess when adding sugar and water.
  • Material: High-grade, heavy-duty plastic which is very resistant to breakage.
  • 32 oz. - 48 oz. - 80 oz. capacity.

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32 oz.

Price: $9.99


48 oz.

Price: $10.99


80 oz.

Price: $11.99


The Dr. JB's Switchable 32 oz. - 48 oz. - 80 oz. Jar is a step up from the original 16 ounce Dr JB's Hummingbird Feeder system! Once your favorite backyard Hummingbirds arrive, instead of filling your feeder numerous times a day, simply switch out the original 16 ounce bottle with the 32 ounce or 48 ounce or the 80 ounce jar.

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