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About Grow me

What is Grow.me?

Why and How to Use Grow

How to Unlock Grow

About Grow me: Grow.me is a privacy-compliant platform created by MediaVine, our advertising partner, as a means to provide the best experiences for users by helping to preserve consumer privacy (see our privacy policy re: personal information) while at the same time providing programmatic ads without third-party cookies.

This means that your privacy has an extra level of protection. Another “Locked Steel Door” protecting you and your privacy from spam, at the same time catering to your personal preferences of the websites and features that you personally choose.

Nothing is forever! If you change your mind; You can at any time delete your Grow account.

Grow.me's Features

Since Mediavine is one of the largest ad management companies, thousands of blogs and websites already have that tell-tale icon in the bottom-right corner of their sites, just like we do.


That's Grow.me and its social share buttons are a means of sharing, liking, bookmarking, and saving promotions, posts and content from your favorite websites/blogs.

That means all your favorite content from all your favorite sites are in one place. It also provides social sharing buttons to the most popular social media networks.

When you click that little heart, you'll save that page or post into your Grow.me bookmarks. 

As well as providing a means to share and like our content, there is also a place to sign up for that free Grow.me account. With that one login, you'll have easy navigation to all your favorites, without needing to sign in again.

Grow.me is already live on thousands of blogs and websites. Depending on the other website’s design, you may find the buttons a different color or in the bottom-left corner, but you'll recognize its similarity in shape.

It is still a new platform and its features are constantly evolving. As more functionality is added, such as the new search feature, it will be an even more customer-friendly platform. 

Sign up for that free Grow.me account.

Unlocking our special promotion discount by signing up with Grow.me is FREE. It is free forever, and you'll have access to all the exclusive content & promotions on our site.

Once you've signed up with Grow, whenever you encounter a lock on any other website/blog, just click to unlock it. No more signing up is required. Just clicking that lock will automatically open it for you. 

How to Sign up and Unlock Promotions & Exclusive Content

Grow-Lock Icon

Behind the lock is an exclusive promotion or content from us. It's free. But you'll need to unlock it once (no credit card needed) and from then on, all exclusive promotions & content on our site is always available for you.

The “lock” program I'm using is Grow.me, which will give free access to thousands of websites/blogs, including ours, that have implemented Grow on their sites.

How to Unlock the Promotions

Follow the photos below, step-by-step, to gain access. 

1. Click on the "Sign Up Free to Unlock"

Grow-Locked Box

2. Choose to Sign up with Facebook, Google, or by using your email.  

Grow-Signup Form

If you choose Facebook or Google, you'll need to sign in to them, just like you do when you do this with other sites.

If you chose magic link (meaning you won't need to use a password), enter your email address on the page and click sign up. You'll receive an email with a link right back to the unlocked promotion. No password needed.

And that's it!

Once you're in, you'll receive a welcome message:

Grow-Thank You

 .... and you'll see a quick tour (that you can click out of, if you wish).

To Unlock the Special Grow Discount!

How to Access Your Grow Account 

The heart and share icons in the bottom-right corner is where you'll access your Grow features.

Grow-Navigation Icon

Once you click the share button you will see your Grow features:

Grow-Navigation Features

When you access your account you can add a password, log out or delete your account.

Once you have your Grow account ...

You only need to create this Grow account once. As long as you remain logged in, whenever you encounter a “Locked Content” elsewhere on other websites/blogs using Grow, all you need to do is click on the “Unlock” and you are automatically unlocked on that site as well. 

With thousands of websites/blogs using Grow, and this number increasing daily, your one account will enable you to bookmark all your favorites in one place. 

As well, Grow is growing and adding features that will help both you and us.

Thank you for your continued support!

If you have any difficulty at all in creating your account or if you have further questions, please contact us

To Unlock the Special Grow Discount!

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