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Alex's Adventure

by Eric Zhao Age 10
(Princeton, NJ, USA)

One day, a hummingbird named Alex wanted to try to fly. He told his mom and begged her to teach him to fly. He was finally able to convince his mom to teach him how to fly. "Yay!" cried out Alex. He flapped his wings as hard as he could but could only fly small distances. He kept wondering the reason why he couldn't fly that far.

His mom explained why. "Alex, you have to pace yourself, you cannot just flap your wings too quick, or you will tire yourself out." Alex tried to pace himself. He practiced for days and after about three months, was able to fly about two miles.
He told his mom he really wanted to go on an adventure. His mom didn't want him to go because he was only eight months old. Before persuading his mom, Alex found a huge patch of flowers and used that knowledge to get his mom to let him go on an adventure.
When he went on his adventure, he brought along some items like a leaf soaked with nectar, dried nectar candy, and some other things. Alex traveled and traveled far. He passed countless bushes and trees. He saw many things he never saw before. Alex thought this was like paradise. Flower fields and forests appeared before him like small specks. Flying and flying, Alex took many days with him. Among flowers and trees, Alex felt at home. Many animals like deer, moles, otters, and some hares became friends with Alex. Many of them went with Alex on his adventure, sightseeing many things. Other animals noticed him but did not communicate with Alex. The other animals let Alex lead them to where he lived. Alex's mom was overjoyed to see them and they lived as friends for the rest of their lives.

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Jun 04, 2011
Alex's adventure
by: Anonymous

Great story Alex. You have become one with the hummingbirds by learning to fly like one. What a wonderful imaginative story.

Jun 01, 2011
Great Wording
by: Anonymous

Great wording and awesome piece!

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