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An amazing miracleous sight

by Amanda K.
(Miami, Florida)

It was a somewhat cold, breezy and sunny day that November 1st 2009, here in Miami, Florida. It had been 12 years since my Mom moved into this house with a garden. On that day it was her sister's Birthday and my Mom was in bed a little sad because her sister had passed away 3 years before.

Around four in the afternoon, I went to the garden and I saw something moving around the firebush. I called my Mom and told her to come out of bed that it was a hummingbird! She thought I was trying to cheer her up and she said: no, no, it must be one of those big moths, hummingbirds don't stop in this garden. After some coaxing, she came out of bed without her glasses, and said: you see, it's a moth. Then I said: Mom put your glasses on and come here. As she did, she observed our "new friend", our own hummingbird in our garden! My mom was in tears because she felt that in a way her sister was letting her know through our new little friend that she was ok and that she was with us. Well, he stayed for several days, I guess refueling in his migratory trip. Now we can't wait until the winter to have him back; this year we were visited by two hummingbirds. My mom is filling up the garden with nectar plants just for them.

I am 11 years old and my family, including my sister, love hummingbirds.

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May 01, 2011
Your title is awsome
by: Ashley

My hummingbird came on December 17,2008.My 4 year old son came yelling at me "Mom look at that huge bee".I told him it was a hummingbird and he said that's a very small bird Mommy. Now he is 7 and my son(Ricky)has a passion for hummingbirds he even has his hummingbird garden of his own that he waters every day at 4:30pm and each year three hummingbirds come to his garden

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