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An Annas male I call "Papi"

by Debi

I hung a feeder about 2 years ago that someone had given me. I knew nothing about these little birds. I was given the recipe and started reading. I live on the third floor in an apartment complex in Phoenix, AZ. I don't remember what the month was but I know it was sometime in the summer. For a while there was no activity, then I started noticing what looked like the same hummer visiting the feeder. Well I was right. The more I watched that little guy the more I got interested in hummers. Well, "Papi" is a male Anna's hummer and has stayed two years now. Sometimes he's the only one. About the first week of January a lot of Annas came flying in. Males and females. The males were courting the females. For several weeks I had about ten regulars. They were even eating out of my hands. They've settled down the last couple days. Every morning and evening they all show up at once. During the day they come and go. I'm thinking the females are building a nest close by. Papi still sits in his tree watching the area. When a male flies in, he zooms over to chase him away. He is very very territorial. He lets the females eat. Does anyone know where the females have been all these months? I thought Annas didn't migrate.
There's also a black chinned male that comes now and then.

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