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Butterfly bush for Hummingbirds
Scientific name: Buddleia davidii

Plant a Butterfly bush for hummingbirds. This page will explain: How to plan, How to grow and How to prune it. After looking at these considerations, you may want to include this plant in your hummingbird garden.

Hummingbird at a Butterfly bush.

The name Butterfly tells us that this plant attracts butterflies. By emitting an alluring perfume, butterflies are drawn to the lovely blooms. As a result, the flower has a long history of popularity with butterfly gardeners.

(If you are interested in more information about butterflies, visit our friends at The Glorious Butterfly).

Does this same plant attract hummingbirds?
It is well known that hummingbirds do not have a sense of smell. The flowers from this bush is an attraction for hummingbirds because it has a high nectar count. Additionally, they are drawn to the long, brightly colored spikes resembling lilacs. As a result, it is possible to create a butterfly and hummingbird garden by including this gorgeous bloom.

Make a Garden Plan including the
Butterfly Bush for Hummingbirds

We always recommend planning a hummingbird garden.
Flowers grow in many sizes, shapes and colors. Without a garden plan your flowers will look haphazard. This is especially true when including this bush in your garden because of its size.

How to Grow a
Butterfly Bush for Hummingbirds

  1. Consider your planting zone - It grows best in Zone 5, Zone 6, and Zone 7 as a perennial and as a year-round plant in Zone 8 and Zone 9
  2. Think about location - Okay, so now you are ready to draw a plan. Place these tall plants in the back of your garden. In the colder climates they grow 3 to 5 feet tall. In the warmer climates, they grow extremely tall, sometimes 10 to 12 feet. You might even consider planting these flowers in a separate location of your property. I admit that planning was a lesson for me. When I began gardening, planning was not a concern, What a mess!! How quickly we learn.

3.  Plan for attractive color - It is true that hummingbirds prefer red. Nevertheless, you are not confined to red flowers when planning these blooms for your garden. They are available in a variety of beautiful colors. Since they all have a high nectar count, the hummingbirds will enjoy them all. Another advantage is that bushes like these are easily spotted by Hummingbirds compared to single blooms. You can even take advantage to the plants special tri-color variety. It is wonderfully unique for a plant to have 3 separate colors. When it was introduced, gardeners who planted the flowers received a lot of attention. You will receive many compliments yourself when you plant.

4. Provide sun requirements - Full sun is needed in colder states. They are hardy and grow well in partial shade in warmer climates.

5. Soil requirements - Well drained soil is preferred. Yet, they grow well in any soil.

6. Pruning a Butterfly bush - This easy to grow plant requires little care. Water during dry periods. Pruning is necessary. In the colder climates, simply cut the plant down to the ground in the Autumn. In a warmer climate they need more pruning. Trim them to your desired height. Cut off all diseased limbs when necessary. Don’t worry, this bush is hardy.

Here are a couple smaller dwarf butterfly bushes that can fit into any size garden!

Pugster Blue Butterfly Bush

Pugster Blue is a totally new look in butterfly bushes! If you love butterflies and hummingbirds in the garden then these pollinator magnets are going to be the biggest little thing to hit your garden.

Even though the plants are small, the flowers aren't! Pugster Blue is covered with full-sized panicles that are the same size as bigger butterfly bushes and that have the same honey-sweet scent.

There is no deadheading required to keep them blooming all summer for you! Go ahead and cut all of the flowers you want - .you'll still have plenty left to please the legions of butterflies, hummingbirds and bees that are coming to visit!

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Pugster Periwinkle Butterfly Bush

Butterfly Bushes are some of the most loved garden plants in modern gardens, and not just by gardeners, but by hummingbirds, bees and, of course, butterflies.

Problem is that these plants can get to be pretty huge. Six feet tall and just as wide is pretty common. That alone will often take them out of the running for smaller, urban gardens.

Until now!

The Pugster line of Buddleia that was developed by Proven Winners are bred to be naturally dwarf. They only get a couple feet tall and wide. This means that they can fit anywhere in any-sized garden.

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