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Endangered Hummingbird Species
                    .......The Lost Gem

Unfortunately, there are endangered hummingbird species.

BirdLife International (a global partnership of conservation organizations that strives to conserve birds and their habitats) lists the endangered species of South America.

It is far too sad that this list is constantly changing because new species are constantly being added.
These hummingbirds with there grandiose colors, fascinating features such as the bill of the Sword-billed hummingbird or size as the Bee hummingbird are among the most beautiful and interesting creatures on earth.

Endangered Hummingbird Species

Truly, they are a gem to be lost.

Hummingbirds live on the edge of survival.

Due to their fast metabolism they need to eat more than twice their size in nectar each day.
This can amount to hundreds of flowers.
In South America some hummingbirds need to eat particular flowers in order to survive.

As a result, with the growing destruction of natural habitat and the use of chemical pesticides for agriculture, hummingbirds are threatened to extinction.

Listed as - 10% Vulnererable to extinction within 10 years:

Blossomcrown Anthocephala floriceps Columbia
Escudo Hummingbird Amazilia tzacati handley Panama
Glow-throated hummingbird Selasphorus ardens Panama
Little Woodstar Colibri Abejorro Peru, Equador & Columbia
Mexican Woodnymph Zafiro Mexicano Mexico
Purple-backed Sunbeem Aqlaeactic alicige Peru
Scissor-tailed Hummingbird Hylonympha macrocerca Venezuela
White-tailed hummingbird Eupherusa poliocercia Mexico

Listed as - 20% Vulnerable to extinction within 10 years:

Black Inca Hummingbird Coeligena prunellei Columbia
Blue-capped Hummingbird Eupherusa cyanophrys Mexico
Chilean Woodstar Eulidia yarrelli Peru
Esmeraldas Woodstar Chaetocercus berlepschi Equador
Grey-billed Hermit Taphrolesbia grisventris Peru
Hook-billed Hermit Glaucis clohrnii Brazil
Mangrove Hummingbird Amazilia boucardi Costa Rice
Marvellous Spatuletail Loddigesia mirabilis Peru
Perija Metaltail Loddigesia mirabilis Columbia & Venezuela
Royal Sunangel Heliangelius regalis Peru
Santa Marta Sabrewing Campylopterus phainopeplus Columbia
Violet-throated Metaltail Metallura baroni Equador

Listed as - 50% Vulnerable to Extinction within 10 years:

Black-breasted Puffleg Eriocnemis nigrivestis Ecuador
Chestnut-bellied Hummingbird Amazilia castaneiventris Columbia
Colorful Puffleg Eriocnemis mirabilis Columbia
Honduran Emerald Amazilia castaneiventris Honduras
Sapphire-bellied Hummingbird Lepidopyga lilliae Columbia
Short-crested Coquette Lophormis brachylophus Mexico
Turquoise-throated Puffleg Eriocnemis godini Equador & Columbia

Can we imagine losing these beautiful birds forever?

We can only hope that enough environment will be saved for the "endangered hummingbird species" to survive.

We are all hoping that something is being done to help the endangered hummingbirds.
Thankfully, there are some groups such as the Nature Conservatory being one example, who are actively working to help the hummingbirds. They are creating nature reserves for some of the most vulnerable hummingbirds.

In addition, they are promoting sustainable agriculture and cattle ranching as well as reforesting with native species.By building awareness of the problems facing hummingbirds today,we all can endeavor to keep these spectacular birds on the planet forever.

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