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Floating Leaf
Solar Birdbath Bubbler

The Floating Leaf Solar Birdbath Bubbler turns your birdbath into a "Spa" for your hummingbirds!

Floating Leaf Solar Birdbath BubblerFloating Leaf Solar Birdbath Bubbler

Comes with 4 nozzles to choose your preferred pattern.

Floating Solar Birdbath Bubbler NozzlesFloating Solar Birdbath Bubbler Nozzles


  • Moving water attracts 10 times as many birds and discourages mosquitoes. 
  • No battery or electricity needed. Runs automatically with sufficient sunlight. 
  • Contains 4 nozzles allowing you to choose fountain water patterns at will. 
  • Dimensions: 1.75"D X 8"W X 7.5"H

Important Tips:

  • The unit is solar, and it will only run with sufficient sunlight. 
  • The motor will burn up if run without any water in the birdbath. 
  • If the solar panel gets white due to the calcium build up from some water it can be easily cleaned by wiping it with some vinegar. 
  • There is a screen on the bottom of the unit that will get clogged with debris and cause the pump to slow down and not force as much water through. This screen will need to be cleaned on a regular basis with a small brush such as a toothbrush or our SE606 port brush.

Price: $31.99


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