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Hawk Eye HD Nature Cam Review

This is my personal Hawk Eye HD Nature Cam Review. We use this camera to present live streaming on this website. With this High Definition marvel, you too can stream the nature outside your door, live to your TV or Computer!

This nature camera will add a whole new exciting element
to your "Birdwatching"!

Bringing your Backyard Birds and Hummingbirds
to "Reality TV"!

In 2015 we were fortunate enough to stream video inside a Black-capped Chickadee nest box allowing us and our visitors the rare opportunity to witness the life of the nest from nest building through chicks hatching until they fledge the nest. We also were able to stream live video of hummingbirds visiting one of our "Tray Style" feeders outside our kitchen window.

Below are short video examples of what we were able to witness with this marvelous camera.

The Hawk Eye HD Nature Cam Package:

Hawk Eye HD Nature Cam BoxThe Hawk Eye HD Nature Cam Box

What's In The Box:

Hawk Eye Nature CameraThe Hawk Eye HD Nature Camera
Hawk Eye Nature Camera AV CableThe Hawk Eye Nature Camera 100 ft. AV Cable
Hawk Eye Nature Camera Power PlugThe Hawk Eye Nature Camera Power Plug
Hawk Eye Nature Cam InstructionsHawk Eye Nature Camera Instructions

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Software Needed to Connect
AV Cable to Computer for Live Streaming

If your TV or Computer does not have an RCA input, you will need an "RCA to USB" adapter in addition to the camera. I recommend the "Dazzle" package which includes this adapter. (Most TV's and Computers these days do not have an RCA input.)

Dazzle Software Features:

  • Has the ability to capture video segments and still photos from the live streaming.
  • Edit the captured video.
  • Name the photo or video file and designate a place/folder to save.
  • DVD burning capability.
Dazzle ProgramDazzle Program for Streaming with the BirdCam

How to Connect the Hawk Eye HD Nature Cam
to Stream Live Nature Video
to Your TV or Computer

Hawk Eye Nature Camera Mounted in a Nest BoxCamera Mounted in a Nest Box

Mount the Camera in the Desired Location.
(For example: Inside a Nest Box or At a Hummingbird Feeder)

Camera to 100 ft. Cable ConnectionCamera to 100 ft. Cable Connection

Connect the AV Cable White Audio Jack, the Yellow Video Jack and the Red Power Jack from the 100 ft. cable to the corresponding Jacks that are connected to the Camera.

100 ft. Cable to Dazzle Adapter Connection100 ft. Cable to Dazzle Adapter Connection

Connect the other end of the 100 ft. cable to the
"RCA to USB" adapter.
(If adapter is needed)

Dazzle Adapter to Computer ConnectionDazzle Adapter to Computer Connection

Connect the adapter to a USB port on your TV or Computer.

Screenshot of Dazzle ProgramScreenshot of Dazzle Program

Open your appropriate video viewing program on your TV or Computer and enjoy!
(This is a screenshot of the "Dazzle" program)

Go Inside a Black-capped Chickadee Nest!

This stunning video was filmed by the Hawk Eye HD Nature Cam:

If you decide to setup the camera out in the elements on a hummingbird feeder for example, then you will need to protect the camera from the rain since the camera itself is not waterproof.

Here is the setup I used to install the camera at one of our hummingbird feeders.

3/4 inch PVC pipe and fittings fit nicely over an empty Seltzer bottle!


Waterproofing the Nature CamMy Setup to Waterproof the Nature Cam



How to Assemble the Waterproof Housing


  • Mount the Camera To the Mounting Screw Inside the Bottle.
  • Feed the AV Cable Up the Pipe and Through the Elbow.
  • Connect the 100 ft. AV Cable to the AV Cable that is Connected to the Camera.
  • Slide the Elbow onto the Pipe.
  • Push the Bottle into the Elbow.
  • Mount the Whole Setup Where Desired.

Watch Hummingbirds Live at Your Feeders!

This video of female Ruby-throated hummingbirds at one of our "Tray Style" hummingbird feeders just outside our kitchen window was captured with the Hawk Eye HD Nature Cam.

This video features a male Ruby-throated hummingbird at the same feeder which was also captured using the Hawk Eye HD Nature Camera.

Overview of the Hawk Eye HD Nature Cam Review:

The Features that give this Nature Cam a 5 Star Rating:

  • The Camera captures excellent video with it's High Definition capabilities. 
  • The built-in microphone adds a great dimension to the video experience.
  • The infrared vision will automatically capture video in low light on cloudy days or at night. 
  • Has the capability to capture still photos from the streaming.
  • The camera can be connected to a television or a computer.(NOTE: the "Dazzle" program or another suitable program with a RCA to USB adapter will be needed if a TV or Computer does not have a RCA input jack.)
  • A 100 ft. AV/Power cable is included which is usually plenty of distance but if needed, another 100 ft. cable is available to purchase separately.
  • Instructions are simple and easy to follow.

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