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Homemade Hummingbird Feeders

Our second type of the "Homemade Hummingbird Feeders" is the "Tray Hummingbird Feeder".

It is called a tray feeder because you will use a "Tray" in place of a "Tube".

The tray hummingbird feeder is the most common hummingbird feeder whether it is just the tray itself or a bottle is attached.

This type of homemade feeder also has the honor of being a "recycled" feeder just as the "Wine Bottle Hummingbird Feeder"

In this case you will need:

homemade hummingbird feeder bottle

Screw Type Bottle -

A recycled bottle that has a screw-on top.
For example: a soda bottle or water bottle

Hummingbird Feeder Tray -

An inexpensive item you need to purchase or....
(I have used the tray of an old feeder where the bottle leaked or broke.)

An Onion Bag -

Choose one with a larger weave.

Medium size bottle for homemade hummingbird feeder
Small size bottle for homemade hummingbird feeder

Medium Size Bottle                   Small Size Bottle

You can use different size bottles to make the "medium or mini homemade hummingbird feeder" version that's just the right capacity for your situation.

In some locations, where there are large populations of hummingbirds, a feeder may be visited by many hummers. So a large bottle holding more nectar would be an advantage because it would not have to be re-filled so often.

This may be helpful also during migration times when some of us may have large numbers of hummingbirds visiting our feeders.

Our feeders should be close to empty and re-filled after 3 to 5 days. Any longer and the nectar may spoil depending on heat and direct sunlight on the feeder.

Choose the right size bottle that's best for you and your hummers.

Note: I have changed to different size bottles in the dead of summer when the number of hummingbirds visiting my feeders are steady and during migration times when the numbers are more.

The Procedure:

1: Use a cord, heavy nylon string or copper wire and weave this through the mesh at the top of the onion bag. (This serves as a hook to hang the feeder.)

2: Slip the bottle through a hole of the weave at the bottom of the onion bag.

3: Hold the bottle upright and fill the bottle with your homemade hummingbird nectar recipe.

4: Screw the tray onto the top of the bottle, turn the bottle over and......

there you have it: another "Homemade Hummingbird Feeder".

Now go get an ice cold glass of lemonade,

pull up your favorite lawn chair

next to your  "hummingbird flower garden"

equipped with your homemade feeders

and relax while watching those busy, buzzing little hummers!

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