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Hostas for Hummingbirds
How to Plant

Hostas for hummingbirds are hugely popular. On account of their easy maintenance and shade tolerance, they are often called the perfect perennial. We can absolutely tell you that the hummingbirds certainly agree.

Taking Shade

On hot summer afternoons, my husband and I enjoy sitting in the shade. We find that we are not alone. There is usually a party going on. The hummingbirds are dancing all around our hosta plants enjoying the sweet nectar. These blooms are shade tolerant, so they are just right for the shaded areas of our property. Over the years we have purchased a few attractive and comfortable Adirondack chairs nearby, keeping cool, watching all fast paced hummingbirds. They have a special metabolism that allows them to keep a body temperature that is much higher than ours.

In our opinion, "Hostas for Hummingbirds" are definitely among their favorites!

How to Plant Hostas for Hummingbirds

  1. Select some plants - Did you know that you can buy them direct at
    Nature Hills Nursery for a great selection. You might like to do this because Hostas are so lovely and easy to grow that many of us find that one is not enough. We soon find ourselves with a number of these plants and our hummingbirds don’t mind at all.
  2. Choose a location - Remember that these plants are perennials. Even though they can be moved, we find that it is better to plant them in the right spot the first time.
  3.  Sun requirements - Hostas for hummingbirds are shade tolerant. This can mean many things. Like most plants, they require some sun. When planted in a very dark location, you might see little growth. It is better for them to receive some light for a few hours a day or filtered sun throughout the day. We plant some of ours under trees. This gives the hummingbirds a perfect place to perch. Hummingbirds need to perch often, they digest food quickly while perching.
  4. Soil requirements - They thrive in a variety of soils. This is one reason for their enormous popularity. Now, if you really want to maximize growth potential, a rich well drained soil is optimum. We usually just add leaves or compost and our plants grow beautifully.
  5. Water needs -They grow best with adequate moisture. Those of us who plant hostas under trees need to realize that the trees are competing for water in the soil so they may need to be watered in drier spells. I love to water my plants because I then have the chance to view them and the hummingbirds.
  6. Pests - Hostas have few pests. Slugs will poke holes in the leaves of the immature leaves. Once mature, slugs can’t work through the thick, tough leaves. Deer and rabbits sometimes eat them. We do not recommend chemical pesticides of any kind. These will absolutely harm the hummingbirds. We use natural products…….. We are surrounded by forests and have plenty of deer. We use the old trick of tying a bag of ivory soap to a stick to keep the deer away.
  7. Plant division - A great feature is that hostas for hummingbirds are maintenance free. It is not necessary to divide them unless you would like to create more plants.

Here are some great deals on Hostas for Hummingbirds from our friends at Direct Gardening:

Halcyon Hosta

Gardeners are always looking for two things: 1) shade plants and 2) blue plants. Also known as funkia or plantain lily, Hosta Halcyon is a reliable winner that requires little attention.

The Halcyon Hosta is made for the shade and is the most interesting frosty ocean-blue color, earning it the 1997 Award of Merit (AGM).

It's a vigorous (but slower) grower with ribbed, spear-shaped foliage that sits underneath white-to-lavender bell-shaped flowers from July to August.

But the real show is the foliage itself. Slug-resistant, attracts hummingbirds during blooming.

  • Blue Spear Shaped Leaves
  • White to Lavender Flowers
  • Full Shade Plant
BUY Halcyon Hosta

August Moon Hosta

The Hosta ‘August Moon’, Hosta sieboldiana, has wide, heart-shaped gold colored foliage with slightly rippled margins, making it very striking!

The white to pale lavender flowers bloom from July to August.  Hostas are not known only for their flowers, but mostly for their foliage.   With a plant height of 24” and a spread of 24-36”, ‘August Moon’ provides bright color in shade with its wonderful foliage.

BUY August Moon Hosta

First Frost Hosta

The Hosta First Frost, Hosta 'First Frost', is a handsome sport of ‘Halcyon’ and begins in spring with deep blue leaves with a gold colored edging.  This edging is irregular and just about half an inch wide.  Then 'First Frost' evolves to a pure white in summer.

The light lavender flowers appear on 28 inch scapes in midsummer.  ‘First Frost’ is resistant to pests and puts on a colorful display in your garden all season long.  It maintains its outstanding blue color and beautiful edging until the “first frost” in the fall; named a Designer Hosta™ and 2010 Hosta of the Year!

BUY First Frost Hosta

Frances Williams Hosta

Hosta ‘Frances Williams’ is an attention-getter for your shady garden. The large green leaves have a splotched chartreuse edge and can grow to over a foot long and wide!  These are not diminutive plants that daintily edge your planting beds. These monsters can get over 2’ tall and up to two yards wide and will fill your shady bed without a second thought. Plant accordingly!

BUY Frances Williams Hosta

Patriot Hosta

The Hosta ‘Patriot’, Hosta fortunei, has heart-shaped, glossy medium green leaves with a large white margin, making this variety very striking!

The lavender flowers bloom from July to August, and it has a plant height of 22” and a spread of 36-48”. ‘Patriot’ provides bright color in shade with its wonderful foliage.

Patriot Hosta is a former winner of "Host of the Year" from the American Hosta Growers.  

If you have ever seen it, you will know why-it literally brings light to shade! This is a low care perennial and is ideal for shady positions and is one of the most popular for landscapes.

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Regal Splendor Hosta

Hosta Regal Splendor, Hosta 'Regal Splendor', is a stunning sport of Hosta 'Krossa Regal'.  It demonstrates the same upright vase shaped habit as 'Krossa Regal', but the frosty blue leaves are edged with a creamy yellow margin.  This very elegant looking host provides tall stems of lavender flowers that appear in August.

'Regal Splendor' received the 2003 American Hosta Growers Group Hosta of the Year.  Once it has matured, 'Regal Splendor' is definitely one of the most beautiful hostas in the garden!

BUY Regal Splendor Hosta

Wide Brim Hosta

The Hosta ‘Wide Brim’ has a deep blue-green center with very wide, irregular margins of cream with gold tints at maturity, making it very striking.

The lavender flowers bloom from July to August, however, hostas are not known only for their flowers.  With this plant having a height of 20” and a spread of 32-36”, ‘Wide Brim’ hosta provides bright color in shade with its wonderful foliage.

Plant this low care plant in an area that receives the right amount of light.  The leaves need some morning sun to bring out the best coloration; too much sun will burn the leaves.  ‘Wide Brim’ is most at home in shady, woodland settings and often works well as specimen or edging plant.

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Just don't Plant your Hostas,....... Plant your Hostas for Hummingbirds!

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