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Hummingbird Obsessed

by Mary Kay Brown
(Alamogordo, NM)

This is my roufus

This is my roufus

Hi.. My name is Mary Kay and I recently moved to Alamogordo, New Mexico in March of this year.... I have always loved hummingbirds but this is the first year I really have attracted them. I saw a black chin in May on the red yucca plant and have been obsessed ever since.... It is now September 3rd and I still am seeing them. I have seen I think 13 at once but I always have tons of feeders out.... I bought lots of flowers and lots of feeders. I am so anxious to learn what each hummingbird is. I have identified 2 black chins, a calliope, 3 roufous (though now I only seem to ever see one at a time), and I am pretty sure I have a broad tail. I have pictures of many that I do not know what they are but one in particular has something like a tuft on it's crest and can not figure that one out for the life of me... I am sure I have many juveniles and females.... I would really love to find out what my one hummer is that has the bump or tuft of feathers on it's crown.I will post some photos if I am able to. I am no professional photographer but some of my photos are fairly good considering they are just taken with an iphone 7...

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