Hummingbirds arrived ?

by Alexander Rozinov
(Richmond, BC, Canada)

Friday, January 14, 2011. Outside is a rainy and glumly day. The sky is covered with low, leaden clouds. I’m seating and looking at my monitor, which just a few seconds ago burned out.
Ok... No internet and no processing of photos for a few days … life is getting boring.
I’m taking my cigarette and going to the patio for a smoke. (I know it’s stupid, but…)
So, I come out to the patio and I see a hummingbird on my hummingbird feeder!
I’m going back, taking my camera – the show begins.
I know I can’t make a good image but I can’t lose that chance! A Hummingbird in January? No way!
Let me ask you something: What is that? A new arrival? A winter abundant ?
A number of books point out that Anna’s Hummingbird is wintering in the Vancouver area, but I never saw them before. And it’s definitely an Anna’s Hummingbird.
What do you think?

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