Hummingbirds do talk!

by Sheri
(Easley, South Carolina, USA)

I live in South Carolina, been here for 6 years. My hummingbirds are so spoiled that I try to make sure at night when they go to bed, the feeders are full. This year I was rear ended in a car accident the end of May 2017. My hummingbirds were here and used to being feed 2 times a day. I would go out and have a cigarette and they would know that there feeders were full or getting filled. But after that car accident I was unable to get around very good. I had a hard enough time letting my dogs out. I was very concerned about my hummingbirds. I had my daughter come over and feed them. I only use the single feeders. She has a baby so it was hard for her to come over and we put up the larger feeders that held more. Well one day I was on the screened-in porch and a female came in and just started squealing at me. It had been 1 1/2 months after accident and it was like she was telling me to hurry up get better because we want our little feeders back. She was just looking right at me a chewing me a new butt, chirping and staring right at me not scared at all. I went and got the little single feeders from the house and told my husband to help me hang them so I can reach them without any strain. Well he did and boy I had some happy birds. I have 12 single feeders. They won't eat out of the large one that is a multiple shared one. Its helped me heal with my depression and gets me out of bed early to watch them again and I make sure all are full and I may have to fill them 3 times a day but they come right up to me and drink out of them as I'm holding them. I also, before the accident, was working on making them a hummingbird bath. Well my husband finished that for me and every once in a while I see 1 or 2 enjoying it. I just wanted to let whomever reads this know that my hummingbirds chatter and yelled at me to get up and feed us like you used to. Ha ha so they do TALK. I love my babies and learned something on this page that dragon flies can kill a hummingbird. I love dragonflies, but not enough to have them around to hurt my hummers. I will watch for them and protect my babies at all costs.

Thank you for reading my entire story. My hands go numb and I have severe pain in my back and neck since the car accident so I had to do this over a period of hours. Hope you enjoyed my story. It was painful to type. :(

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Sep 06, 2017
by: Anonymous

Thank you so much! I really enjoyed your story. I too have been scolded by my hummers! At first I thought it was something bright I was wearing that caught their eye but that wasn't always the case. Many times they have approached me a foot from my face and yelled at me. Today one approached a feeder at my window (it was raining so I was inside)and followed me to the sliding door and chirped at me. The feeders were full but needed to be changed which I did in haste. I really enjoy the different personalities too. They seem to like my hair clips, usually the white ones, and approach me from behind rather unexpectedly. I wish you a fast recovery.

Sep 04, 2017
Hummingbirds do talk
by: Debi

I loved your story and can relate. Mine have also told me off a time or two. My aggressive male even squaks if someone comes to visit and he doesn't like them. My friend thinks I'm crazy when I tell him different things about them. I love my little friends just like you do. I live in Az so I'm lucky Anna's stay all year. My male has been here over 2 years

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