Hummingbirds in PNW

by Sam
(University Place, WA, Pierce County)

My husband and I moved from our Tacoma home back to our University Place Washington home. At that time I was a school bus driver, so I'm off at odd times of the year. I was home for Thanksgiving break, I had opened up our front room draperies and this hummingbird flew up to the window and stared at me. I thought I was losing my mind, what was a Hummingbird doing at my window in November? Well the next break was over Christmas, again opened up the draperies and here he flew again. So I did some research and found out that the Annas stay here in PNW year round. I went out and got a Hummingbird feeder and set it out for them. We have a very large hedge about 20 feet from our front room windows. I sat and watched for my little friend. We named him Hummingbird Bob {after Angel Bob on Dr. Who} Bob thinks he's the boss of our feeder.

He will fly up to the windows if the drapes are open, he lets me know to either change or refill the feeder. He's a beauty.

Moderator's Comment: Thanks for the great story! We have heard a lot of stories where hummingbirds seem to interact and communicate with humans. We recently heard that some scientists believe that hummingbirds get to know who fills their feeders. So I guess they are watching us and we thought it was all us watching them! Hummingbirds seem to have a great deal of trust in humans compared to many other birds.
Anna's hummingbirds are the only hummingbirds that do not migrate. They are common up and down the west coast of the United States and Canada. We have a page on the Anna's hummingbird.

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Jan 28, 2017
I'll be back
by: Anonymous

I think with our winter this year my Hummingbirds moved for better conditions. This is the first time in 15 years that they moved on.

I've read that they will return around March.


Mar 30, 2012
Anna's Hummingbird
by: Linda in WA

I have had an Anna's Hummingbird great me at my kitchen window everyday for the past year. He always give me a tongue lashing when I bring the feeders in to thaw them out or change the nectar. All the sudden about a week ago, he stopped coming around. My days have become very saddened when I open my blinds and I do not see my little buddy. I hope he is off mating somewhere and will come back very soon as I wait by my window anxiously.

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