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Leaking Hummingbird Feeders

Leaking Hummingbird Feeders can be a problem!

Dripping Hummingbird feeders is nectar wasted.

In addition, this is a problem because ants, bees, and wasps are quickly attracted to this easily accessible sweet treat.

Use a Tray Feeder. Tray Feeders don't leak!

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What to do about hummingbird feeders that leak.

  • Mount feeders in the shade or use a "Hummer Helmet".
    Sunshine causes an expansion of air in the feeder, promoting leakage.
    Try our Hummer Helmet.

  • Mount feeders away from prevailing winds that can tilt them causing leakage.

  • When using tube style feeders, fill them completely full.
    They operate on the vacuum principle and require a completely filled feeder. Otherwise air may enter which can cause a leak.
    After filling, quickly invert and plug the stopper immediately.
Dr.JB's hummingbird feeder

  • Check for cracks and replace cracked feeders. Many inexpensive plastic feeders often break down from the elements. Many of us have attracted our first hummingbird with these inexpensive feeders.
    We found it worthwhile to invest in better quality feeders that lasted much longer.

Our favorite is the Dr.JB's feeder.

  • Clean feeders regularly with hot water and good brushes.
    Cleaning the components of feeders helps them to seal well, which keeps them from leaking.
    Occasionally, use a vinegar rinse for a more thorough cleaning.
    Be sure to rinse well with hot water.
    Do not use soap. Soap residue can cause poor sealing.

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