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Ruby Throats hanging out at South Dakota farm during Fall Migration.

by Karl Krueger
(Ethan, SD)

Enjoying South Dakota October weather

Enjoying South Dakota October weather

October 3rd 2018 was an extreme weather day here in eastern South Dakota. My wife Julie and I live just a few miles west of the James River and a few miles east of the town of Ethan, SD. We have an old shelterbelt at the farmstead and have been trying to establish some shrubs and flowers to attract hummingbirds this year. This is also the first time putting up a feeder. We only saw just one pass through here in May.

In a matter of a few hours after the cold front passed on this Wednesday afternoon, our temperature dropped around 50 degrees. We awoke to a hard freeze the next morning. We think it was also significant, as I am pretty sure it was our last view of Hummingbirds this year. A single bird had been visiting our feeders here for 4 days prior. The last time I recall seeing it at the feeder would have been around 10:30 am on October 3rd.

First time ever had hummers passing through here during migration as far as I know. Started in late August. Would get 1 or sometimes 2, with 2 usually being chased away by 1 (I think). Would see a bird for a few days, then a break with nothing. I thought for sure September 25th was our last day but then our last wanderer was seen at the feeder on the 30th and stayed 3 days in October.

Hoping our little friend found shelter from the brutal wind and frigid cold somewhere south of us. It was so great to have them here passing through.

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