Sabrina and Her Adventure

by Eleanor
(Norman, OK)

Sabrina was a hummingbird that lived at the zoo. Every day, she watches the penguins, and she sees that they are birds too. They are having so much fun. She wants to have fun too. Sabrina wants to swim.

One day, she flew over to them and asked if she could play. They told her that she could play with them. They also told her that the first thing she needed to do was to hold her breath a long time. They told her to take a deep breath and not let it out. Sabrina took a deep breath and tried her best, but she could not hold her breath very long. She was sad.

The penguins told her not to give up. She needed to learn how to swim next. Sabrina watched them dive in and swim under water. She got very excited. She got up her courage and flew right at the water. Splash! Sabrina came up coughing and was soaking wet. She couldn’t swim. Sabrina was very sad, wet, and frustrated because she could not swim.

The penguins were all very sorry for her.

An old penguin named Kiki swam up to Sabrina and said, “Why do you want to swim?” Sabrina said, “I want to swim because it looks like fun. I have been watching you every day. It looks so easy”

“You should be proud of what you can do. You can fly. Penguins can’t fly,” said Kiki.

Sabrina thought about his words for a moment. She realized that she could do lots of things that others could not do. She was thankful for that. From then on, she still visited the penguins every day, but she flew around their cage while they swam beneath her. Everyone was happy.

The End

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May 28, 2011
by: meatball

I like the ordered cage at the end, with Sabrina flying above swimming penguins.

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