Saved Him

by Annette Brittson
(Angola, IN)

When I first found him in garage

When I first found him in garage

When I first found him in garage

he eventually flew away

My husband found a what he thought very large bug in the metal barn. We tried everything to get him to fly out the door. But he did not, he tired out and landed on the floor. Very tired and wings stretched out panting.90 Degree day, hot sunny and the barn was very hot. I quickly scooped up and placed him by the feeder. I actually thought he died, his little feet balled up, not much response eyes were blinking. I quickly placed his beak in the hummingbird feeder, which they visit often many at a time. He did not drink much still rather lethargic. I had husband get shallow bowl of cool water. I placed his feet and belly in the water, he jumped up sat in the water. He still was not drinking on his own so I placed his beak again in the feeder. My sugar water solution, he started to drink. He started looking much better now. Sitting in my hand drinking finally he decided he had enough. Kind of took a hop on finger and flew slowly to the trees gaining altitude as he left me. First time I got to get that close to them. I think female ruby, young one. I mostly see them at the feeder.

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Sep 24, 2016
Bon Voyage little hummy!
by: Tom

Today Sep 24th 2016 is a sad day! My beloved female Rufous is gone. I saw her last night around
7 PM drinking heavily from the feeder.
! hr later I took the feeder down washed it with hot water , no soap , brushed the interior and exterior and filled it with fresh home made nectar ( 4:1). The feeder is hanging outside my bedroom window, usually she shows up at dawn and can watch her coming back and forth every 10mn.
But today it is 12 PM and she is no show.

Bon Voyage little hummy see you next year.

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