Stopped in flight.

by Steve Vaughan
(Chesterfield, VA)


I still consider myself just a rookie photographer, but I've found that catching hummers in flight is great practice! This male Ruby Throated Hummingbird is a juvi, I think. I say that because the area at the neck isn't quite filled in.
This was shot with the Canon 60d using the 100-400L at 390mm. Shutter speed was 1/1000 second at f11 and ISO3200.
My best hummer shots come sometimes through glass using a feeder near my kitchen window. More and more, when I notice they're feeding pretty heavily, I'll sit out near the feeders (6 to 8 at any given time) and just shoot away. They get used to you pretty quickly.
The top and second photos were shot in the early evening in July 2014 when the sun was getting low, but still enough good, usable light. The last photo (Attitude!) was shot just as another Hummer landed not too far away. This little guy was giving the other one the evil eye!

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