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Survival Dance

by MartyJo Hagen
(Portland, OR)

Survival Dance

She came to us to fulfill a
Mutual need to learn trust.
It seemed as if they both came to us
With the same arrival times
And different needs.

Every day He came…
Metallic teal back feathers
Carefully choosing, no, dancing to decide
Which blossom from which
To collect His nectar.

“Look Mama. Looook MaaaMaaaah!”
There He was.
Determined to share all her mealtimes.
Such joy He brought her.
Although I think it was He who found joy
In His fascinations of this small girl.

Time came when the cold rains
Of Western Oregon welcome the
Winter to stay for a while.
The hummingbird left to places the flowers
Dance year around.
We—the girl and I, danced away…
Attempting to bring Him
Back with the Spring.

Time came and left…
And with it, the little girl…
Continuing on her own journey
Toward paths unknown…
I knew when the hummingbird
Failed to return, that neither would she.

Slowly, I am healing from these painful separations
By remembering His dance…
Forward, backward, to the side…
Let it go…let it go….
I find peace in knowing that,
Though He didn’t return here,
He is with the small girl to teach her
The dance of survival…
Forward, backward, to the side…
Patience, patience…Now, forward….
Let it go…..

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Jul 13, 2010
the people in "survival dance"
by: Remi

This poem is wonderful and it makes total sence. This poem is about my grandma who took care of my cousin Patience, for 6 months while her mother was in rehab. While my grandma was taking care of Patience, she saw a hummingbird and the hummingbird and Patience danced with it until he had to be on his way. That was the first hummingbird Patience had ever saw. I think my grandma wrote theis poem just for Patience because, my grandma was hurt badly by Patience getting taken away. I love this poem!!!!!!!!!!!!

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