The Awesome Hummingbirds

by Lucas Roper
(Evansville, IN, USA)

One spring day I was sitting in my dark and awesome living room and I was looking out the window at hummingbirds. They looked awesome and cool. A blue, black, and red hummingbird flew right up to my brown front door and looked at me and was humming and chirping quietly, but I could still hear them. Then a strange dog appeared! His head was shaped like a duck, his paws were shaped like a tiger, his tail was shaped like a beaver, and he had wings like a bird. The dog tried to bark at the hummingbirds and eat them and crush them. But the dad came in. He knew how to defend his kids. He flew around with his small little tail. He flew backward and sideways and around in circles. The cute, small hummingbirds flew all around in circles and up and down and everywhere and the dog got so dizzy. The strange dog flew into the woods and back to his nest on the tallest tree in the woods. The smaller birds were so surprised at how dizzy their dad was. The dad said, "Kids don't ever go around that dog again." The kids said, "I won't dad, I won't. After that, two of the same dogs came. For some reason the dog was so smart he went and made a copy machine that could copy him and make another one. This time the hummingbird dad got so so hurt that the hummingbird kids stood up and with their little hummingbird tails they would fly backwards and hit the dogs in the back with their butt. Then they flew all around in circles until both the dogs got so dizzy they both flew back to the copy machine in their nests. Now I was in my living room again and I looked closely and I could see a few nests and the hummingbirds were flying to them. They lived happily ever after.

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