The Garden

by Jessica
(Joliet, IL. USA)

On any given day-the sunny ones mostly- you could hear clearly the wild chatter that takes place in the garden behind Amanda's house. From a distance her yard looks the same as everyone else’s, besides the fact that it seems to flourish even in the fall and grow perilously throughout the seasons. But maybe even more breath taking than the flowers in the garden was the creatures that lied within. Such things could be found; dragonflies, mice, small birds and rabbits, bees, and even tiny fairies that could only be seen if you were patient with sharp eyes.

One evening in the middle of the summertime months, Daisy, Rose and Sunflower were debating about what type of bird they had seen fluttering gracefully through Amanda's garden early that same day.
"Surely you must know that it was obviously a Robin," Rose insisted, conceited that she was the most knowledgeable on the matter. Daisy thought differently, though. Sunflower watched the two argue before stepping in.
"I say you are both wrong, ladies. That bird was not a Robin and was most definitely not a hawk," Sunflower chuckled at how foolish Daisy and Rose were- fighting about such a little bird. However, Daisy and Rose were not satisfied and decided that it was vital they know. Luckily, a kind, freshly bloomed bud had the answer…
"Why, that is the Hummingbird, girls. Known for those colorful feathers, they are. And those fluttering wings; my, what a sight!" The newly sprouted flower sighed, imagining the beautiful bird. All four flowers gazed dreamily throughout Amanda's garden, wishing with all of their might that such a wonderful thing might appear right then so as they might all see it. Fortunately enough, Tulip piped up for she had naughtily been eavesdropping.
“You could ask Amanda to install a feeder, and then for sure you will see another one quite soon,” she suggested helpfully, hoping herself that she might see this exquisite animal, too. So the five of them spoke to Amanda, who willingly agreed. The six of them waited quietly the rest afternoon, excited to see what would happen. Soon, the entire garden was keeping a look out for their guest. Within minutes, a wild cheer raced through the group, each of them welcoming Hummingbird. They courteously bowed down and waved and held out their arm-like leaves, beckoning their new friend to their curious, happy, plentiful garden.

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