The Humming Bird-a Bird of Beauty

by Sydney

The HummingBird,a beautiful bird of nature.This essay will include information on what a hummingbird is,what its prey is and what it is prey to,and how it got its name.I hope you enjoy the hummingbird as much as I.

The hummingbird is the smallest among birds and can measure from 7.5 to 13cm (3 to 5 in.)range.The hummingbird drinks nectar,a sweet liquid inside certain flowers.The hummingbird species,the hooked-billed hermit hummingbird is under the endangered species list.
Now,what is the birds prey and what is it prey to?
Well it mostly eats nectar so it doesn't have a prey like other birds.Other birds such as the robin,enjoy a tasty wormy meal.Sadly,the hummingbird is prey to some animal.Some are domestic cats and small hawks or eagles.
Now finally,how the hummingbird got its name:
Their wings beat (flap) so fast, they make a noise that sounds like humming. It's a bit like a higher note version of a bee buzzing.The hummingbird has a name that corresponds with the sound of its wings,neat!
So they may be a beauty but there are facts we don't know like that its a nectarivore and that the cat,hawks,and eagles eat them for food.We may know some but we will always know its way of beauty.

By:Sydney,age 11

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