The litttle hummingbird

by Hannah R age 6
(Midlothian, VA)

One day a little hummingbird wanted to fly. The little hummingbird could not fly. She practiced and practiced and then one day she thought she could fly. So she ran back into her tree and then ran forward and flew. She was so happy that she could fly. Her family was proud of her too.

So she flew over to her friends house and told her friends how she practiced and practiced, and how she flew and how her family was proud and she was happy.

Just then she remembered she couldn't hum. So she practiced and practiced just like before. Then she took a deep breathe and hummed. She was happy just like before and her family was too. She told her friends just like before.

Then she flew over to a rose and she saw a butterfly over there. She made new friends with the butterfly. She flew with the butterfly, and they played hide and seek too. The butterfly said, "I have to go home", so they gave each other a hug good-bye.

The butterfly went home, and the hummingbird went home. On the way home the hummingbird flew into a girl named Sarah. Sarah really wanted to hear a song. The hummingbird said, "I'll hum a song for you!" So the hummingbird hummed, Jesus Loves Me. Sarah said, "thank you little hummingbird!" So the hummingbird went home because she was tired.

When the little hummingbird came home she was very tired, so she went to sleep. Just then her friends, her family, and her mom and dad made a party for her. When she woke up she saw a message on her bed. She went to the place where the letter said to go. When she went into the room, "SURPRISE!", said her family and friends and mom and dad.

For all the days, she remembered that day when she could fly and hum, and the surprise party from everyone who loved her.


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