The Story of the Hummingbirds

by Landon Roper
(Evansville, IN, USA)

I was sitting in my living room watching some hummingbirds fly around. But then, the father hummingbird came around. The father hummingbird flied around and he got so dizzy he fell down. When I saw the hummingbird fall down, he got up and then this dog whose name was Mindy came and then they had a challenge. The hummingbird flew around and got so dizzy and the dog flew into somebody's house and then the person kicked him out and then he ran away and for happy they were humming and flying around - because they are hummingbirds. Their cousin hummingbird came up and they had a party and after the party a dog came out whose name was not Mindy, his name was Chance. The dog and the hummingbirds had a fight but the dog won this time. All the hummingbirds flew around and punched them up and their strong cousin came so he lifted him up and threw him across the woods. The dog walked back, but he wasn't a dog this time. Actually, it was a cat. The cat started jumping up with his claws to get the birds. The cat's name was Willie Wilbert Wonka. This time two dogs and one cat came and all the birds flew away, but the uncle bird, the daddy bird, and the grandfather bird started fighting. It was a tie. I took a picture of the books on the computer and put it in my IPOD. I went outside. I ran over to the hummingbirds and caught one. I made him my pet hummingbird for two days - then I let him go. I was sitting in my living room watching some hummingbirds and they were pretty. The end.

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