The ugly hummingbird

by Katie Evans
(Great Falls MT)

Peacefull like a Hummingbird

Peacefull like a Hummingbird

Once upon a time a pair of two hummingbirds had a odd grey baby, he looked nothing like any other hummingbirds. His dad did not want the poor little guy anymore, he was worried that the other birds would make fun him and his wife, having such a ugly baby. The mom was sad but did not want to go against his words. The dad made the mom take the little boy out to the meadow and leave him there. When the mom got home, she cried but after that she forgot about her little baby. Soon wolves came upon the poor little bird.

"What shall we do with it,Zaz?" said one of the wolves.
Zaz was the leader of the pack,a strong, big, beautiful, grey wolf. "What an ugly hummingbird! It would make a great meal for my new cub", Zaz responded. So Zester picked him up and they went to the den. "Zazzer! Come I have a tasty treat for you!" Zaz said. "Dad! Wait, you want me to eat that?" "Yes, it will make a great meal for you son" Zaz replied, "its a baby! Its a new born. It has not even opened its eyes yet! No I will not eat such a defenseless hummingbird!" "So let me guess, you want to raise it as your baby don't you! hahahaha, fool" "Why yes dad, I do want to raise him". "No that's crazy, a wolf raising a bird! No!" " Just give him a chance Zaz!" yelled Zaz's wife, Zola. "Fine, he can starve tonight!!"

A few days latter: "Bird? bird? bird!!? wake up bird!!!" Zazzer said to the little sleeping hummingbird. " Daddy daddy!!" screamed the bird. " No, little bird, I am not you dad, where might yours be?" "Your my dad silly! What is your name dad?" "I am Zazzer son of the great Zaz!" " Zazzer, what is my name?" "Your name? ummmm I shall call you flower!" "Flower? that's a girls name dad! I'm a boy daddy!" "U knew that...... your name is Chad, ya Chad is a good name for you!"

A Year Latter: "Daddy, why am I still so little and you are so big?" "I am a wolf Chad, you are a hummingbird, silly." "But I'm not the color of a hummingbird, I'm grey just like you dad!" "That's just because you are special!"

The Wolf and the humming bird lived a great life, they had many great adventures and were happy all their life. Zaz was proud of his little boy growing up and caring for a hummingbird. Chad never did find his real parents, but was happy he had Zazzer. His parents died not even remembering they had a baby. Chad stayed his ugly self, but it changed every wolves eyes, they never again ate any bird in the world. Every thing turned out great,
That's why they now live in Great Falls
MT!!!!! :)

The End, Hope you did enjoy my story, it was just a fast write so it was not my best work. I do write wonderful fun stories. I have written a book called "Fox and Bear's big journey back home" Bear is my dog and fox is my friends dog. My story is about two dogs who chase a bunny into the woods, but a pack of wolves surrounds them. The leader is called Zaz.Before they can go back home they must act like a wolf first, they have a test, its to kill a certain amount of animals. But when they come across a bear's cave they have to fight him to get out. I am also working on the 2nd book called "Fox and Bears big journey back home "Were are they taking all the dogs?" Its about some guys who are stealing dogs for dog fights, but its like the garden of eve, no one can find it, no matter what they do. Bear and fox have gotten them into big mischief again!

Thank you!!

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