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Unexpected encounter

by Carrie
(Chaumont, NY, USA)

Yesterday morning, I was getting ready to let my dogs out and notice there was a bird flying around in our screen porch. I called to my husband and then realized it was our hummingbird. He came to see as I was stepping out on the porch, on my way to open the door so he could fly away. There was an opening on the lower level of the screen and he couldn't find his way out. So as I took 2 steps towards the door, the hummingbird flew right up to me and landed on my arm. (I had a bright pink bathrobe on.) He then flew up to my shoulder and then around my head. My husband ran to get the camera and came back with the camera and the hummingbird feeder from the front porch. I held it in my hand and the hummingbird came over and sat and fed. When he finished, he just sat there looking at me. I was talking to him and he was just cocking his head listening. A few minutes later, he flew and landed on our hammock ropes. My husband took the feeder because he wanted to feed the hummingbird too. As I was standing there taking pictures of the hummingbird, he flew right up to my face and hovered there. My husband asked it I saw it and I said no, I had my eyes closed. He, the hummingbird, finally flew over to the feeder, took a drink and then flew off. What a cool experience it was.

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Aug 17, 2015
They are such smart little jewels
by: Debbie

My little female hummingbird is high today on the new recipe (from your recipe blog) I put out in her feeder. She has made a real mess out there, with syrup all over the place, LOL. I was just sitting out there and up she pops, she flies up close to my face, fans her little tail (I call it her fan dance), squeaks at me, flies around my head and gets so close I can hear the beating of her wings and then sips to her delight. She's used to me now. I know she won't be here much longer but I bought a larger feeder with a station on it so she can rest while she sips. She is such a treasure and has made my summer soo memorable.

I had thought of holding the feeder like you did as she flies all around my head. When I get the second feeder, will give it a try before she flies south.

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