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What Is It?

by Elton Brooks
(Perdido, Al, USA)

Whoosh! "Look! There it goes!"

"What is it? I didn't see a thing."
Whoosh! "Hey, it tickled my nose!"
"What is it? Let me get off this swing."

"Are you playing a trick on me?"
"Lookout! Here it comes again!"
"Now, all I see is that big old tree."
"But, I keep hearing a noise like a fan."

"What is it? Tell me, before I go insane?"
Laughingly, my friend says to me,
"Look over there on the window pane!"
His Mama's bird feeder was all I could see.

"Over here! Over here! In the backyard!
"What is it?" I ran to see nothing and I said with a jeer,
"I'm getting very upset with all the canard!"
Then again, whoosh! It flew right past my ear!

What is it? I felt the wind pass along my neck!
Quickly, I turned without saying a word,
Sitting on the feeder by the backyard deck,
Was the most beautiful and so tiny, Hummingbird!

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Jan 26, 2011
What is it?
by: Anonymous

This is a lovely poem.I really enjoyed the ending.There is so much emotion in this poem. Thanks for sharing!

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