Fluttering over wings

by Jerrin Mathew ,AGE12
(C-174 S-4 SCH no.78 Vijaynagar, Indore, Madhya Pradesh,India)

Have you ever seen hummingbird over flower,
if yes ,then today you are a nature lover.
have you ever seen hummingbird flying,
then you will never forget it till dying.

Every time fluttering over wings,
by humming this bird sings.
They always have satisfying evening,
and other day begins refreshing.

Humming in season of spring and autumn,
rejoicing in deep heart's bottom.
Perfect in noon, always in mood,
in taking nectar from flower that stood.

But they have to go back in cold,
for they are not so much bold.
they go back in winter, get back in sum (summer),
with their great melodious hum .

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