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Happiest creature

by Jerrin Mathew
(C-174,S-4,SCH.NO.-78,Vijaynagar,Indore,Madhya Pradesh,INDIA)

Hummingbird sitting over flowers,
hummingbird singing in sunshine,
searching for the nectar wine,
searching for it hours and hours.

Hummingbird is the most beautiful living,
how wonderful it is when it starts humming,
so small but happy and hardworking ,
in taking juice of flowers and pollinating.

With fluttering wing and a pointed beak,
they are happy and never they meek,
but they have to go in weather of cold,
for weather of winter they can't hold.

But again refreshed they come back in summers,
and they continue their work by hummers,
they are the most beautiful thing in nature,
they are the happiest creature.

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