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by Jerrin Mathew
(C-174,S-4,SCH.NO.-78,Vijaynagar,Indore,Madhya Pradesh,INDIA)

While flying they flutter their wings,
while flying hummingbird sings.
What to tell about this tiny creatures,
it is attracted by all who see its features.

A hummingbird over a flower how beautiful,
clusters of them together how wonderful.
How much we praise about them that much is less,
see with what beautiful friends god has blessed.

See hummingbird in the season of spring,
with large pointed beak and fluttering wings.
About this creature what can i say ,
who frames the beauty which no one can pay.

In its wings hummingbird has less feathers ,
that's why it needs sunny weather.
What message does hummingbird give?
size doesn't matter it is life you live.

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